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December Update and Plans · 2:27am Nov 29th, 2021

The last time I did a monthly update/plan, things were not looking particularly rosy on my end. I won't bother you with the specifics, but there was a lot of drama going on at my end and life seemed particularly bleak. I'd posted that I would start doing writing work to stave off the feelings of despair that were going to overwhelm me, but as the general lack of content on this page should make clear, very little came of my promises of content (aside from some outlines that may become future stories). Turns out, being in such a dark place, having a physically grueling job, and an overall toxic environment didn't promote much of a creative output.

But in the two months since my last update, a variety of events have started to happen that have smoothed my environment. My mother's cancer treatments have progressed relatively smoothly, I've quit my unfulfilling job (this week is my last week there), much more job opportunities have appeared, and my brother has begrudgingly accepted help from a disability-services organization for independent living training (though it was only because my mother implicitly threatened to stop supporting him financially if he didn't make the effort). The only issue that didn't really resolve itself in the traditional sense was my dog's slow descent, as she was put to sleep earlier this month rather than experiencing a miraculous recovery. Yet even this offered its own strange relief, as her cries of pain are now silent and I can now know that she isn't in perpetual discomfort anymore. A rather grim aspect to find comforting, but this year's events have forced me to find strange places to find relief.

Another source of relief comes from my vacation plans for December. I am going to be partaking in a two-week visit to an art retreat, sponsored by my former alma mater, and spend the days writing out both professional and fandom-related works. I had a very good experience at this retreat earlier this year, even writing out a good outline of a fantasy novel I want to work on in the near future. I suspect much of what follows in my plans below will be done during my tenure there, and I hope the nature surroundings will promote the same creativity it did earlier this year.

Now without further ado, I'm going to write out some general goals for both this month and the near future (January and early February). Many of these will be for contests I have already committed to, and some just for my own personal amusement. Hopefully this will allow me to pace myself in a manner that allows for the best written products possible. Some of these will be copy-pastes of my previous update/plans, but a good chunk of them will be original to this post.


  • Rank the Solomon Kane pulps: For those that don’t know, Solomon Kane was a character Robert E. Howard created before he wrote Conan the Barbarian. He was essentially a Puritan adventurer who fought pirates, vampires, and other monsters that threatened late 16th and early 17th century Europe and Africa. I’d bought the Solomon Kane story collection years ago, but didn’t get around to reading it until a few months ago. I had a lot of opinions on the stories themselves and wanted to get them down on this website, since I also wanted to do a Solomon Kane/MLP crossover in the near future (more on that in the next section).
  • Quantify sequel/rewrite possibilities: As next month marks the ten year anniversary of my involvement in the fandom, it should come as no surprise that I have plenty of stories that I haven’t posted on this site. I also have lots of stories on this site that I’ve pondered about writing sequels to, but really never came to any firm decision about. So I’ll be sure to list these stories out and see if there is any momentum for me to go forward on any sequels/rewrites.
  • Missed Contest Stories: I talked about how there were quite a few contests on this site that I missed in 2020 that I really should’ve been able to contribute to, but didn’t for one reason or another. Sadly, 2021 has grown to be included in this ‘missed contests’ period (though I’m putting an end to that in the writing goals section, as you’ll see). Muck like the sequel/rewrite post, this will be just me going through the contests I bookmarked and seeing if there’s any story ideas worth resurrecting, even if the prizes are not there anymore.
  • Read and discuss Jinglemas stories: I've participated in the Jinglemas contest for the past three years, and will be doing so again this year. Yet in all my time, I haven't read a good deal of the Jinglemas stories each year by other authors, and I feel a little bad about that. So this coming December, my hope is to read the full breadth of the stories written by my fellow contestants, and write-up individual blog posts for each year listing the ones I find most exemplary. I've no doubt it will be difficult (the combined story count is over 200) and will probably spill over into January, but I really want to see what others have done, as well as get into the Christmas spirit with past works.


  • Jinglemas Writing Contest: As said above, my participation in Jinglemas has been a constant since 2018, and I find that it is often where I create my best work. Knowing that someone wants the story you're writing and your desire to make it the best possible version leaves a certain pressure on me to make it the best possible story. Hopefully I can live up to my designated person's desires and make a great tale.
  • Generation 5 Bingo Contest: Much like Jinglemas, I've had an interest in the Bingo contests for each new season. They force a level of creativity that isn't easy to do, but I'm very interested in achieving. Even though the contest doesn't close until early January, I want to be done with it earlier so that I won't be too rushed during the holidays.
  • Science Fiction Contest: Despite appearances, I did not jump into the world loving MLP. I actually was really into science-fiction as my first writing genre, and spent a lot of time trying to write my own sci-fi stories. Hopefully this contest will give me a chance to do so in an MLP context. Much like how the Gen 5 Bingo contest doesn't end until early January, I want to get it done before Christmas so as to not be too rushed in my own writing.
  • Solomon Kane Crossover: This one isn’t for a contest, but I really want to do it this month anyway. Solomon Kane is kind of perfect for a winter fic, and I have an idea for an MLP crossover that I think could be quite fun. (Due Dec. 25)


  • Read and Discuss Season 10 Bingo and Filly Anon Contests: These were the other two contests I participated in last year, but never got to read a lot of the other stories. I figured I would do the Season 10 Bingo stories and the Filly Anon stories once I'm done with the Jinglemas stories. That means these probably won't be done until February or March.
  • Filthy Rich is the Best MLP Character Blog: The title says it all. But seriously, I want to write a long and descriptive blog about why Filthy Rich is the best character in MLP and why he deserves more love. Not going to put a rough date on this, since I want to go through every piece of media he appeared in and build up my arguments.
  • Finish Kung Pow: Enter the Hoof: This is a now nearly six year-old story I posted when I was still a teenager. I had it in my mind that I would finish it, but I never got around to it for one reason or another. I’ve decided to put a date of the next Chinese New Year to finish it, since Kung Pow is partly a Hong Kong film and it feels in-line with the story (Due Feb. 1).
  • Finish What You Give and What You Take: I didn’t spend a lot of time with Quills and Sofas, partly because their quick writing style just didn’t fit my writing habits. However, in the brief time I spent with them, I wrote this story that won the contest of that week. I really want to polish it up, since the premise was great (Discord vs. his estranged son). I’ll probably aim for finishing it in late January, but again, no promises.
  • Video Essay for MLP: A New Generation: The new MLP movie on Netflix provoked a reaction in me and I feel I should convey my feelings on it. I feel like I’m one of only five people who disliked it, and I want to explain why in a way that doesn’t insult those who liked it. I thought about doing it in a long-form essay a la DannyJ, but I feel like a video essay would be more effective. I'd actually hoped to finish the essay before I write the Gen 5 Bingo story, just so my story could address the problems I had with the movie, but it's clear that isn't going to happen.
  • BamHoofYah! Restoration Project: I’m going to do a longer blog post for this, but I’ve been really pining to restore the BamHoofYah PMV that was premiered at BronyCon 2013 and which seems to have been largely forgotten by the fandom. I thought it was a great project and actually enjoyed it more than Ponies the Anthology 3 that premiered that same year. Anyway, I’m hoping to restore the PMV to the Internet, along with other goals I’ll go into more detail about sometime (probably January).
  • Year of the MLP Movie: One of my personal quirks is that I'm one of five people in this fandom that actually likes the 2017 MLP movie, and indeed I feel that its quality has been overlooked. For it's fifth year anniversary next year, I hope to do a series of stories over the year, concluding in a video essay explaining the brilliance of the movie on October 6 (the day of the movie's release). There may come a lot of other things during this process, but I want to find a way to celebrate the movie's importance and quality in a way that will be unique.
  • Codifying Long-Term Series: In the time between my last update and now, I wrote a variety of outlines for stories that I didn't have time to write up. While some of them were obvious one-and-dones that I'll probably whip up next year, others were ones that I found had a lot of potential as longer-term series of stories. A few of my discovered ones include the Filthy Rich Leadership Series, the Pony Pulp Series, and the Lightning Loving Series. I'm not going to say exactly what these story concepts will focus on (though their names give their focuses away), but I did want to share them partly to keep them fresh in my mind. This process won't be done until I'm done with the current slate of contest stories and do my story quantification mentioned above, as there are a few stories in my published box that may get lumped into this series organization.

    So there's a lot to be done in the coming month, but I'm hoping that my improved circumstances will allow me the opportunity to actually complete these tasks. In the meantime, happy holidays, and I hope to see you soon!

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