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  • Today

    “Hey, Flutterbug?”

    Flutterwings peeked up at her older brother from under the blanket. “Griff? You’re finally done showering?”

    “Yeah, I just..wanted to speak to you.”

    “What is it?”

    He knelt down, resting his head against the blanket. “Sis…I love you…”

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  • Friday
    Relearning C for the umpteenth time

    Just now realizing that it’s been used for a lot of things, namely being implemented in another language I’ve learnt once or twice, Python, which is also named “CPython” because of it.


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  • Friday
    The Hug (Anthro)

    Hero sat down on the kitchen counter, legs licking back and forth with anticipation. He watched Griff slip his shirt off before changing into a new one. Pouting with impatience, he promptly folded his arms.

    ”You spent all that time sneaking out past curfew and you can’t even hurry your ass up.”

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  • Friday
    Doodle of Bloodpop

    Cleaning his glasses.

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  • Thursday

    Flutterwings leaned her head against the bathroom door, curious as to how long Griff planned to be in there. It raised a bit of concern to hear him crying in there for the past three hours.

    ”Uh…big brother…? How long are you gonna be in there?”

    She was only answered by an even louder wail, accompanied by the running water.

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Finished · 12:30am Nov 29th, 2021

Now that I look at it I kind of hate it

Expect me to write a Madness Combat AU lol

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Comments ( 12 )

I like it though

looks cool

Thanks dude. Now I’m expecting you to make a Madness Combat version of Rami or your own OC.


you got ideas for my daughter?

First thing I think of: Dual wield pistols.

Yes. Now you have to make a Madness Combat design. And also watch Madness Combat. Please.

I'll do my best to do that

I could see her doing “unique poseing” with some pistol (dont know why my mind decided to go down that road)

what kind of pistol you’re thinking of?

Twin glock 19s, maybe.

I was thinking of the classic six-shooters or something (probably an army-issued colt)

I personally don’t see anything to hate about it

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