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    Speaking of weird pigeons:

    For fans of my trash Dove story or using AI creatively or just weird pigeons, I present neural network generated pigeon breeds, curated by Janelle Shane and illustrated by Rosemary Mosco:


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  • Thursday
    the fact that the fimfiction algorithm thinks an old Unsafe Space admins group is similar to a group dedicated to Nazis is extremely funny to me.

    For those of you who don't enjoy tilting at windmills, The Unsafe Space is a very far right group on fimfiction. Several self-avowed monarchists and barely-not-fascists there. Sometimes the libertarians have good points shitting on neo-cons and neo-libs, but then will generally afterwards turn around and say something like a

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  • Wednesday
    700 Club!!!

    oh hey took a hot minute but I'm another hundred users closer to my fimfic bucket list goal of 1000 followers, albeit probably like a third of those peeps are still active lololol anyway I still owe congrats prizes to like my 300th, 400th, 500th etc follower, so like, I'm not going to even attempt to write something for my 700th follower and oh yeah I owe peeps commissions still from 2018 lol

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  • 6 days
    Very important question:

    What's the dumb Pony pun for Portland? Oregon specifically, not the one in Maine Mane.

    EDIT: thanks to several responses, I have settled on Porkland, Boaregon.

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  • 2 weeks
    How It Started vs How It's Going

    How it started: trying to understand why I procrastinate so much

    How it's going: while I've read about it on Wikipedia before, independently coming to the conclusion that consciousness is an emergent property and I'm a self-aware complex feedback system. I'm literally just a shitposting differential equation.

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Alcoholic Drinks With Super Trampoline: How to Make a "Paging Doctor Sparkle": · 1:28am Nov 28th, 2021

One-ish Parts Ice, crushed, cubed, I don't care, however you like your ice
One Part Malibu Rum, poured first
One or a bit more part Dr. Pepper

Let Dr. Pepper diffuse 30 seconds, add whatever the fuck you want as garnish, and serve.

Named after the best song I've ever written, "Paging Doctor Sparkle" (A follow up to the Season 5 episode "Amending Fences", so called because she may have pH.D. in Friendship, but she's still a shitty friend.

Comments ( 11 )

Careful, Skirts might try this and then who knows what would happen?

Femboi Flash Sentry x End of Ponies when?

Shame I don't really like Dr. Pepper or rum... :derpytongue2:

to quote myself when your mom suggested pegging last night, "that's pretty gay."

5611859 :ajsmug: lol I'd probably be offended by that if I weren't so drunk right now.

It has big Letterkenny vibes.

how the hell does anyone stand liquor? shit tasted like cough medicine.

5611880 Yeah, the taste is not what you're supposed to be after, lol

Also like cough medicine, you aren't drinking it for the taste.

Thus why I do mixed drinks with and in this case use something that's only 20% alcohol.

I like the tastes of most cough medicines lol

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