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    New Chapter of Python up!

    In a sea of darkness, one tall, lanky figure awoke. 

    “Gallus? Sandbar?” 



    She gripped her tail nervously. Smolder shrugged the prickling chills from her shoulders and took one step forward on the cover of what looked like...ink? 

    A thick, loathsome trail of black ooze trickled from the soles of her claws. 

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  • Today
    Simian (Anthro)

    Griff had been finding new ways to deal with his anger, but he never thought he'd end up destroying the whole house. Books and pages lay strewn across the floor, water was spraying everywhere from the broken sink, fragments of wood and glass laying across the floor, and even holes torn in the wallpaper.

    "Hey guys I'm- what in the heck?!"

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  • Today
    I had a talk with my mom

    I really want her and my dad to acknowledge who I really am. So I laid out how I felt and how she's been making me feel lately. My depressive episodes. My self esteem issues. All of that. I told her.

    I think I stumped her and idk if I actually got through to her or not

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  • Today
    I just realized the dude that played Stu Macher in Scream also played Shaggy in the live action Scooby-Doo movie


    Okay, I’m finished. This was just new information.

    Thank you.

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  • Monday
    Shameless self-promo

    Ocellus when she sees her crush die right in front of her:

    That’s right. I’m back, my writer’s block is gone, and I’m getting right back to expanding one of my absolute favorite creative outlets:

    Every student in Ponyville's League of Developers has one dream- to finally make it to the Python Plane and display their entire program for the entire world to see. Smolder and her friends, due to cultural differences, have a few issues with this.
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First time at bingo hall. · 9:45pm Nov 27th, 2021

Played all my tickets. Is this considered gambling? If so I don’t think I did a bad job. Either way though, I haven’t won much. Other than a lingering hatred for old people.

Had fun. Not with these geriatric bitches.

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Comments ( 6 )

Sorry to hear that...

I’m full of hatred nowadays. But it builds character

Dang… I almost always get pissed at Bingo

Dude, yes. I swear I get flashbacks to where my first grade teacher would give Twizzlers to those who got a bingo or two. Never saw an inch.

I don’t even eat Twizzlers and I’d be pissed off

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