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    First Viewing #97

    Scream (2022): 8/10
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    Still think they should've turned Johnny into a vampire.

    Say Anything...(1989): 7.5/10
    I need a boombox...😎

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Heroes Who Were Close to Being Zeroes · 6:34pm Nov 27th, 2021

There are two animated characters from most of our childhoods who's behaviors may shake said childhoods to the core.

Firstly, as some might've already known, is Woody from Toy Story.

Known as the Black Friday reel, this is an infamous scene that was created during the making of this film displaying Woody as a selfish, uncaring character that you WANT to see thrown in the trash. The link above sums it up and it's still shocking to see.

And second, we have Sid the Sloth from Ice Age.

Originally set as a bit of a conning animal, Sid was almost a bit of a scumbag. From what was shown in some fully animated deleted scenes, Sid would scam young animals, constantly ditch a female sloth (a cut character replaced by the rhinos in the final product) who wanted to be with him to the point of him using Diego to fake his death like he did in the final version, and even get TWICE as suggestive with those two female sloths at the mud baths. Side note: daaaang, and I thought Shrek was dirty, XD

Luckily, they changed it up a bit to make him more of a clumsy goof for more likeable results.

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Comments ( 4 )

Could you imagine these two characters working together?

Jeez! I am so glad that Pixar made some serious adjustments with Woody before the finished product.

Oh God, I can't even imagine Sid being like that. So glad they changed it up :derpytongue2:

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