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    Pharynx stepped out of the store, a large bag in grasp as he scratched the back of his head. He looked both ways, preparing to cross the road. He was moments away from doing exactly that when he heard a sound approaching;


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    No One But One

    Undead Bez closed the door behind her, letting out a heavy sigh as she wiped her forehead. She was finally back. After a long day of petty drama that went on in the outside world over the past few days.

    She squinted through the dark interior of the building, before proceeding to make her way down the hallway, stopping at the bedroom door and slowly opening it.

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    *Sniff sniff*

    “Well, it’s about two more weeks until February finally comes… you guys smell that?”

    “Smell what?”

    Venom inhaled through his nostrils, letting out a satisfied sigh. “It’s that sweet smell of love. It’s extremely faint, but I can just about smell it right now.”

    Cricket, Spiny, and Scorch did the same thing.

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    Attempted to give Venom a new manestyle.

    It’s… um…

    I’ll let you guys be the judge of it.

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    Is it time for a new manestyle for Venom?

    I’m trying to draw him right now and I can’t help but feel like it looks… fake.

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Looking to possibly fix my Switch controller. · 2:09am Nov 27th, 2021

The left joystick has a bad case of Joycon drift.

Report BezierBallad · 124 views ·
Comments ( 36 )

That's been a huge problem and yet Nintendo keeps ignoring that issue just like the online

What's that mean?

It means it keeps acting up and randomly moving even when the controls aren’t being contacted with.
It suck. It really really sucks.

if you cant fix it than I guess you have to buy another one

Another entire console? No thank you.

*googles the price* holy shit, too expensive

Yeah I don't understand why Nintendo keeps on ignoring it which a lot of people pointed out

If I have to use buying as an option, I need to buy new controllers. Not a new console.
You have that problem too?
Yeah. It makes things extremely difficult when you need to have idle hands at times.

....At least 10 times a month.
Keyword: AT LEAST

Well, it’s pretty much every time you play the Switch actually

Yup. Thank goodness i have Minecraft.

How does Minecraft fix the problem?

I still have games.
And a sister.

That's the thing the know that's always an issue that's why they want you to buy new controllers

Oh my god you’re right—

Yup Exactly because that's what companies usually do

That's what it is and they suck at it and greedy

As much I'm a Nintendo fan that pretty much sums it up :facehoof:

Anecdotally, I have heard of cases where people in Canada (I'm not even from there) have contacted Nintendo and had them replaced due to drift being a technical fault. It may be worth contacting Nintendo in your country to see what can be done about it. No guarantee it will be the same outcome as those people, but it could be worth trying.

Seriously? Me too! My brother and I have been dealing with a drift from the left Joycon for months going on a year!

Really? That’s awful!

5611827 Yeah, we’ve been trying to save up for new Joycons, and I’ve mainly been saving for a blue Switch Lite

I’m planning on getting new controllers for Christmas

5611835 Sweet! Last Christmas we got Pro Controllers, but my left stick and sometimes the right stick get a little glitchy

Oof. That certainly sucks.

5611839 Yes, yes it does, especially during Fortnite matches

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