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  • Today
    I had a talk with my mom

    I really want her and my dad to acknowledge who I really am. So I laid out how I felt and how she's been making me feel lately. My depressive episodes. My self esteem issues. All of that. I told her.

    I think I stumped her and idk if I actually got through to her or not

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  • Today
    I just realized the dude that played Stu Macher in Scream also played Shaggy in the live action Scooby-Doo movie


    Okay, I’m finished. This was just new information.

    Thank you.

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  • Monday
    Shameless self-promo

    Ocellus when she sees her crush die right in front of her:

    That’s right. I’m back, my writer’s block is gone, and I’m getting right back to expanding one of my absolute favorite creative outlets:

    Every student in Ponyville's League of Developers has one dream- to finally make it to the Python Plane and display their entire program for the entire world to see. Smolder and her friends, due to cultural differences, have a few issues with this.
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  • Monday
    So I made Anthro Griff

    (Redid it because I forgot the burn)

    ”Just don’t go past the sandbar, I heard it increases your chances of getting hit by a boat.”

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  • Sunday

    Griff went outside, breathing in the sweet scent of nectar and a few hints of...pollen? 


    His nose scrunched up as he touched it with the tip of his hoof, groaning. He went a bit cross-eyed as he looked down at his snout. "Where on Equus is that coming from," he asked, ears drooping in irritation as he looked around frantically. 

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I asked my uncle for a body cam for Christmas · 11:26pm Nov 26th, 2021

Now I gotta ask him for a new bow. The one I have is pretty small for my size, and I need one about my height. I leave Saturday, so I better hurry and pick one out.

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Comments ( 4 )

I want one too

I thought that said "body count"

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