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Master of the Feast · 12:39pm Nov 26th, 2021

My apologies for a belated happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it.

I've been busy for the past few days.

Comments ( 12 )

Looks good. Hope you had a great holiday!

Is that your spread? Very nice! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too!

I've been busy for the past few days.

Cooking or eating? :rainbowwild:

Looks delicious. Hope you had a good night :twilightsmile:

Belated happy Turkey Day to all American bronies and pegasisters! :twilightsmile:

Cooking. Now comes the eating. Such is the privilege of being the host.

There's a decent spread. Hope you and yours had an excellent day. :twilightsmile:

5611420 Generally, when it comes to cooking for Thanksgiving, my job is to stay out of the kitchen and frantically run to the store for things the wife has forgotten during the week long run up to it.

Afterward, I like to say our post-meal activity is inactivity.

Ah, a belated happy Thanksgiving to you as well. :)

"starts drooling all over the floor"
Ah! "coughwipecough" I mean, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope you and yours enjoyed yourselves with that magnificent spread :twilightblush::twilightsmile:

YUM what a spread!!

Happy belated thanksgiving! What all is on deck to be devoured there?

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