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  • Tuesday
    The Closet

    "Hey Griff, can I borrow one of your hoodies?" Venom called across the room, glancing at his brother, who was resting on his back and reading a book. He peeked up and gave a silent nod, but his eyes widened as Venom began to open the closet door. "Thanks ma-ahhhh!"

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  • Tuesday

    *stumbles in, slamming the door open* FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE I SAID


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  • Tuesday
    Mental Health Status

    Emotionally and mentally, I feel like I'm in a vegetative state, except for the fact that I'm perfectly aware of what's going on. I just don't really care anymore. I don't really have the energy to keep caring. I'm holding myself up academically but I'm wondering whether or not I want to give up and work at McDonald's and not even go to college. Sometimes I feel like it's not even worth the debt,

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  • Monday
    Finally got my cards!

    They arrived like four days ago and no one told me they were here lmao. How all I’ve left to do is buy the rest of the set.

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  • Monday
    I had a draft open in my docs

    I guess I was planning to write a clopfic but the only thing it says on there is "Titty lids"

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So I introduced my sister to an anime I like · 6:56pm Nov 25th, 2021

It’s called “Komi Can’t Communicate”

Some payback for introducing me to She-Ra. For those of you who like anime, I recommend it.

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Neat. What’s it about? Or does the title say everything?

Basically a girl who has really bad social anxiety even though everyone loves her.

So bad that she literally cannot talk.

Introduce her to Boku No Pico

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