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  • Today
    I had a talk with my mom

    I really want her and my dad to acknowledge who I really am. So I laid out how I felt and how she's been making me feel lately. My depressive episodes. My self esteem issues. All of that. I told her.

    I think I stumped her and idk if I actually got through to her or not

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  • Today
    I just realized the dude that played Stu Macher in Scream also played Shaggy in the live action Scooby-Doo movie


    Okay, I’m finished. This was just new information.

    Thank you.

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  • Monday
    Shameless self-promo

    Ocellus when she sees her crush die right in front of her:

    That’s right. I’m back, my writer’s block is gone, and I’m getting right back to expanding one of my absolute favorite creative outlets:

    Every student in Ponyville's League of Developers has one dream- to finally make it to the Python Plane and display their entire program for the entire world to see. Smolder and her friends, due to cultural differences, have a few issues with this.
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  • Monday
    So I made Anthro Griff

    (Redid it because I forgot the burn)

    ”Just don’t go past the sandbar, I heard it increases your chances of getting hit by a boat.”

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  • Sunday

    Griff went outside, breathing in the sweet scent of nectar and a few hints of...pollen? 


    His nose scrunched up as he touched it with the tip of his hoof, groaning. He went a bit cross-eyed as he looked down at his snout. "Where on Equus is that coming from," he asked, ears drooping in irritation as he looked around frantically. 

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Oddly enough · 3:54pm Nov 25th, 2021

I get annoyed when someone orders the same thing I’m ordering from somewhere lol. For some reason, it’s just mildly infuriating.

I’ve been craving cake pops for the longest. Maybe for a week or so. My uncle’s going to Starbucks, so I request that he brings some back for me too.

And then my older, older cousin, maybe forty or so, said she wanted to try one of them.

And then I just got so pissed for no reason. Probably one of those unexplainable peeves I have.

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It's okay, I get that way too sometimes

I get that. I guess it gives you the impression like “Ooh, I’m gonna try the same thing. I’ll just take some of yours.”



So as it turns out, my older cousin got one of the two that I was asking for, being that they were confused about how many I wanted.

Perhaps if she hadn’t have asked for the same thing, I would’ve gotten both. Lowkey feel like strangling someone.

If it makes you feel better, please do.

Meh, it’s alright, at least I got one of them. Probably gonna get another few before we leave VA though

Ye, I asked for two and my cousin got the other

Well, at least you got one!

I know, I know. Just a little peeved

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