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Thanksgiving vs. Christmas dinner? · 7:32am Nov 25th, 2021

An argument that will cause a great war. Be honest about it, you don't care to see your family or the history of it. All you care about is the dinner.

Which one is better? Thanksgiving vs Christmas dinner? Christmas dinner is a big thing for us on my side of the pond in Ireland. Christmas dinner you get a big ham and a turkey. So, I think it may beat Thanksgiving. The first picture is Thanksgiving. The second is Christmas.

Comments ( 16 )

For Thanksgiving, we have a meal like the picture, as for Christmas we normally have sandwiches or so thing simple after all Thanksgiving is feast day while Christmas is presents day.

Thanksgiving is not a thing for us. Still, I feel like I want to visit one of my American relatives one day just for it.

Well, where I live we don't have Thanksgiving and is quite rare for a family to have Christmas Dinner.
The holidays are more about spending time with family and catching up with people you don't ever talk to besides when it's Christmas.

Lol. Family get-togethers in a nutshell.

Christmas dinner will win everytime.

Can't beat ham and turkey.

Our family tradition for Christmas dinner is homemade potato soup, so honestly we don’t have any real competition between Christmas and Thanksgiving meals.

In your part of the world? Or just your family?

Family. In in the USA.

Christmas all the way since it’s practically a universal holiday.

Nearly everyone seems to have their own version of it for the most part.

An argument that will cause a great war.


Honor the fallen turkeys. They get eaten by both sides.

I’ve never been too huge on Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas, at least for me, is a lot less rigid. Like, some Christmases, our family would do prime rib, on others, we’d smoke a brisket.

Sound good.

Still, I feel like am missing out in some ways.

It is all true. Those that claim otherwise are turkeymeatdeniers.

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