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now have a mildly cursed part of the next chapter that i've just written. · 4:55am Nov 25th, 2021

yes, this comes right after the previous snippet.

"Oh. Oh. First the puppy eyes, and now this?" Hitch groaned. "Please don't be like Sunny. I already know plenty about what happened in the dungeons."

"I said that was a joke!" Sunny grumbled. "You really held onto that all this time?"

"That's why you don't tell a pubescent colt about the Canterlot Ho--"

"O-kaaaaaay!" Spike dipped downward, sending the ponies and timberwolf on his back lurching backward. "That's enough of that, thank you."

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I'll do fisting*, vore*, scatplay*, snuff*, permanent chastity*, amputations*, and reverse pregnancy*, but holding hooves is where I draw a hard line. That's some fucked up shit even by my standards

*none of these are things I actually would do.

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