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Happy Misgiving 2021, everypony! · 1:12am Nov 25th, 2021

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp with the smells of wood smoke and pumpkin spice, and we once again find ourselves at Thanksgiving!

Food aplenty, but be cautious when you set out the table.


It’s been a year, I think we can all agree with that. Last year about this time I mentioned that the shop was so busy we’d set a new sales record and everything after was just gravy. Well, guess what happened again? And in fact the owner kindly offered us the opportunity to work on Friday to help catch up, and I got the offer to work on Saturday and maybe Sunday too at the group homes. But I’m not gonna; I’ll be with my family.


And I hope that all of you who wish to are able to spend time with yours, or with your friends. I think the last couple years have taught some of us the importance of a healthy work/life balance, and it could be I’ll learn one day too. :derpytongue2:

For those of you who are new here, first off welcome! You might be wondering about the title of the blog. Well, I work part time in adult foster care homes for adults with developmental disabilities, and we had a charming man who always conflated ‘Christmas’ and ‘Thanksgiving’ into a single holiday known as ‘Misgiving,’ and I like to carry that on in his memory. And, let’s be honest, he wasn’t exactly wrong with calling it that, was he?


Y’all know I’m not good with inspirational speeches, but sometimes I’m tragically accurate with predictions. Last year I said that by my calculations, 2020 had three more years to go before it was finally over.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Wasn’t all bad, though; we got adorable fluffy snowpones now.


Might be prophesying doom, but hey, they’re still cute.


Well, mostly.

Finally, while last November I said that you probably wouldn’t see anything for a while (and you didn’t, besides my Jinglemas fic), this year there’s not only a good chance of a Christmas fic, but both Destination Unknown and Rose and Sam will be updating on a mostly regular schedule.

And one of these days you’ll get a blog post about a network catastrophe on a Caravan!


Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


Love ya :heart:

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Dont forget to write your passwords down where you can get at them for when your system goes down unexpectedly due to network server failing.:unsuresweetie:

So your two current ongoing ones will be keeping up their pace. I just hope Dale and Catherine will have a good one in Equestria in a few of their months.

Ponies shouldn't be surprised if a seapony comes to visit when there's food around - there's a reason that picnic table is close to the water.

I'm not sure that serving ponies like that is legal.

Finally, a network catastrophe on a Caravan? Are they really that teched up these days? (stupid question, of course they are).

Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit! We already had ours but I wouldn't say no to another festive occasion.
(BTW that trussed up pony is all kinds of wrong.)

It ain't a holiday 'round here, but I'll still wish a happy thanksgiving to all y'all on that side of the Atlantic Puddle. ^_^

the air is crisp with the smells of wood smoke and pumpkin spice

Somepony set fire to a Starbucks?

I wasn't going to say it, but dang am I glad someone else did.

Happy Thanksgiving and/or Misgiving. :)

Happy Ponesgiving to all you American bronies and pegasisters!

And a Joyuse Wolfenoot right back at you! :pinkiehappy:

President Bartlett (West Wing TV show) was seeking advice online on how to roast a turkey:
"I understand that if you cook them with the stuffing inside you risk giving everyone food poisoning. Not that that's a deal breaker....."

Fair is fair. Guy Fawkes' Day ain't a holiday around here.

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