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This is fiction. But it is based...

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    [Art] Lang Lebe Die Kaiserin

    Sie ist Schönheit

    Sie ist Macht

    Lang Lebe Regenfall!

    Yes, her story shall be resurrected VERY soon. Yes, this is her anthro form. Yes, this is shitty foreshadowing for ANOTHER story later on... and yes I intend to finish her main story first SHUT UP.

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    General Update + Plans | May 2023 (yes I'm early, shut up)

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    So, why the much more massive delay than normal? I'll just give you a simple explanation:

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Schnee Propaganda Art Base · 8:27pm Nov 24th, 2021

Had an idea of Schnee posing for a war propaganda piece looking cute yet fierce. Well, my friend Bunnysharks had just the style I was looking for, so a massive thanks to her for this one! If you like her style, definitely check her out with the link in her name!

"Take everything from them!
Alemaneia will not heel!
Help destroy the Allies... even with their own weapons!


Report Flammenwerfer · 558 views ·
Comments ( 5 )

You know how many ponies just enlisted not for the motherland but because they want to protect poor, innocent Schnee...?

And there it is. Cute. Weaponized. :twilightsheepish:

This is wonderful. I love the Schneeblume stories.

Love it! Love her!

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