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About: Tonkus · 6:37am Nov 24th, 2021

Tonkus, who goes by a number of pseudonyms purely out of boredom, is a largely self-taught author with six years of experience in writing fanfiction centered around pastel-colored horses. He also writes original fiction on the side largely as an offshoot of his fanfictions. And by "offshoot", he means that he's recycling Zoey as a character for the nth time since he was in middle school. Why does he do that? He doesn't know, either. Sometimes he writes out of spite for his own procrastination, resulting in days when 6000+ word chapters can be written when for an entire preceding month, not even 500 have been written. He enjoys what he and his small audience describes as "incinerating brain cells" with ultra-short stories containing minimal logic, often topped off with deranged bouts of screaming being performed by a character as the icing on the cake. He vaguely exists somewhere on Earth, likely wrapped in a nice blanket burrito and sleeping instead of doing anything productive. Again. Ignore the graveyard of scrapped stories.

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He vaguely exists somewhere on Earth

I know the general location of where you live >:)

Did you forget? I have a bat of my own

Bruh let's write another dumbass collab soon plus your cover art is always fantastic

Jokes on you I'm into that

yeah. we definitely gotta make something stupid again.

If you're into that, then you're gonna love batman

Fuck that's such a simple but fantastic unexpected pun. I tip my hat to you.

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