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Concept · 4:31pm Nov 22nd, 2021


A peaceful race, Acacians live in HeartWood, the most sustained and healthy kingdom on the planet. HeartWood is run by Mary, who carries the royal title "Mother Nature". The one in the picture you see above is her daughter, Azalea or "Lea", but don't be fooled. Lea's that type of person who would gladly tell you the alarmingly large amount of ways she can hurt an evildoer with just her teeth, XD

In a way, these creatures are immortal. They can be destroyed, but as long as their pit-like hearts are kept intact, they can be revived via planting. If they don't survive, their remains grow into a tree (yes, that means all trees are, in a way, gravestones) and you know those patterns that the bark on trees always form? That's their form of Braille, detailing that Acacian's life. But they aren't wiped out for good. They become one with the earth to help strengthen their world's life force, able to watch over the land as well.

Acacians are mostly known as healers that, while not capable of reviving deceased creatures that aren't their own, have kept the animal kingdom from extinction with their forms of medicine.
[No humans in this universe, FYI]

Some produce we know can come from them, too. They cry honey, mushrooms are their kind of acne, etc. Like plants, they love water (preferably showers) and fire is their krypronite.

~ Their skin can be part of their clothes
~ Shapeshifting
~ Morphing
~ Can turn any natural object (twigs, leaves, rocks, etc.) into weapons in a blink.

That's all that I've come up with so far.


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Comments ( 5 )

I love it! Are there different kinds for water plants like Kelp and moss?

Wow, they sound pretty cool.

I love they can grow out their own clothing.

Still thinking through on that aspect. I was thinking some would be as big as trees can get or even resemble someone like Groot, lol

Some do grow their hair from other plants, whether it be vines, seaweed, etc.

I was debating on making their skin be made of grass where they'd look like they have green fur or something.

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