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Hey Siri, what's the best line in the G5 movie, coincidentally said by best G5 pony? · 4:36am Nov 21st, 2021

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I am shocked, shocked! that you of all people would think that a badge was causing an unhealthy power dynamic. :trollestia:

Also, Izzy is best pony, who just happens to sing Best Song (Fit Right In).

Agreed, it's at the top of my song list I keep meaning to write too. Have you listened to the soundtrack version? It's got a few extra lines, which led me to discover that the soundtrack version of every song in the movie is longer!

5609742 I have not listened to the soundtrack versions. Thanks for that. I think I'll grab a few songs...

Ah yes. ACAB. u wood.

Though to be fair, Hitch only put on a good show of being the sheriff. He's a bit of an idiot. He's trying to arrest Sunny for... idk, I guess fraternizing with the enemy would be the closest thing I could think of, but he goes and fraternizes with the enemy in order to arrest her for doing the same damn thing.

5609754 Hitch was a bit of a doofus, apart from which he never actually explained which laws Sunny actually "broke" (that I recall, at least). But they apparently were seriously high-level enough above littering to chase after her and break other society's laws, as well.

Side fun note: It finally dawned on me (and has no bearing whatsoever on this discussion) that all of those Hitch calendar shots (Village People) and his Freddie Mercury mustache disguise kind of leaned him hard in one direction. So to speak. Just throwing that out there...

So what You're saying is that it's an accurate depiction of American police? ;)

We stan a bi himbo icon.


he never actually explained which laws Sunny actually "broke"

Unlike the ZHPD, who always take care to clearly specify charges.


So what You're saying is that it's an accurate depiction of American police? ;)

Come on, would an American police force ever spend days chasing after peaceful individuals who pose no threat to society while doing nothing about militant extremists within their own ranks?

5609775 But, but... she was a phony pony full of baloney! Apparently that's a serious crime in Zephyr Heights.

Come on, would an American police force ever spend days chasing after peaceful individuals who pose no threat to society while doing nothing about militant extremists within their own ranks?

Yeah, that would never happen in 'Murica! :twilightoops:

I know this is sarcasm, but I don't think a lot of people realize the extent the American police will go to destroy those on their shit list: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO

5609882 (Speaking for Pineta as well, if I may) It's not sarcasm in the sense that we believe that there's not a serious problem with governments, justice, and federal and local police forces, especially in the U.S. It's more recognition of that serious, endemic problem, without diving heavily into the politics of it (because as much as we'd like it not to, this can easily devolve into stratified politics of one form or another).

I would rather have peace here, at least, about what's effectively a smart children's show addressing the current absurdity of pony lives in their society, rather than to light forest fires in your comments section.

I loved that line. :rainbowlaugh:

Besides being longer, what’s your opinion on the extra lyrics and denser orchestrations of the soundtrack album compared with the movie editions?

5609754 5609757
IMO, he went after Sunny for breaking some laws related to disrupting the Canterlogic presentation. Befriending a unicorn simply meant that Hitch could no longer exercise prosecutorial discretion to protect her.

Especially if you re-watch FIt Right In in isolation, it’s obvious just how badly the animation team wants that song to be their Winter Wrap-Up moment. They were at least medium-successful.

given that none of the songs--with the possible slight exception of "Glowing Up" and "It's Alright" just because they're fairly repetitive--drag at all or are overly-long, I always will welcome extra lyrics especially since they're not just fluff and filler. I think "I'm Looking Out For You" benefits the most given its length almost doubles.

Oh god, I feel like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho overanalyzing pop music now lol.

I didn't notice extra orchestration; could you fill me in on that? Now, disclaimer, I've only watched the movie twice and the first time was on three tabs of acid, while I've listened to the soundtrack probably 20 times at least, with some of the songs like "Fit Right In" over twice that, but the only ones I noticed the orchestration being different on were "Glowing Up" and "It's Alright", as they are background pieces in the movie with parts moved around and shuffled (technically Pipp is singing "Glowing Up", but it's not the main focus and serves a "Yakity Sax" sort of purpose for the heist/chase montage). I don't remember which of those, but one of them at the very end I even heard some vocal "na na na"s that I don't think are in the soundtrack version. And "Gonna Be My Day" has "Hello, anypony there?" in that gap after Sunny says "Answer my call", but beyond that I'm drawing a blank.

"Fit Right In" fucking slaps and is gorgeous to watch (In the Facebook Friendshitposting group, someone pointed out that there's a "Happy Birthday to Me" card taped above Izzy's mirror and if that doesn't simultaneously break and melt your heart I don't know what will.). I think the most interesting analysis for that one comes from the fact that it's really two different songs smushed into one; one about how other pony races aren't as scary as they were taught, and one about well, fitting into Unicorn society.

I can’t wait for the soundtrack to be released on YayPonies already. I want all the foreign language versions in addition to the album and movie English editions. Non-English dubs of MLP songs are a staple of playlists I make.

Oh god, I feel like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho overanalyzing pop music now lol.

I just finished a 6500-word review on the new pony movie.

additional orchestration?

It seemed most noticeable in “Looking Out For You”, IIRC. There’s just more instrumentation going on because it’s no longer part of a movie where SFX need to be accomidated.

huh I'll have to relisten to that

It's incredible how a pony movie delivers the best social criticism of the current state of america in years.

check out the review by doubletoasted:

those guys hated the last movie but love the new one.

I swear I'm the only person who actually loves the 2017 movie lol like yeah it had a fuck ton of flaws but I think the main six sung a song about that and season 7 even if it was kind of a disjunctioned episode and message

I liked it, too!
But I get how non-bronies wouldn't connect with it the same as with the new one.

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