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The law only stands if I agree with it!!! · 9:35am Nov 20th, 2021

When some "people" don't get what they want, blood, they throw a tantrum and say everything's wrong, everything's bad, blah blah blah.

Double Jeopardy, something might to protect us all from being charged for the same crime more than once.

Well, surprise, surprise, due to "certain events" rattling someone's cage, obviously the Rittenhouse verdict, double jeopardy is now unjust.

That's literally the problem with our society today, child-minded individuals who can't accept reality, so they force us all to play along with the nonsense.

These "people" are the problem, they were never and shall never be the solution.

The solution to this issue is a group of people who refuse to humor these "others".

They want to destroy what they had no hand in creating.

On a better note: Wootmaster is in a bad mood, apparently.

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