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Signal Boost: B_25 · 5:24pm Nov 19th, 2021

This one's a bit closer to home.

B_25 traveled from Canada to the States to spend time with Shakespearicles, whose wife is recovering from cancer surgery. On his way, he was hit by a truck and his car won't start. He is currently stranded in a hotel and could use some help getting out of this jam.

As an aside, B and Shakes have both dealt with bullying on this website. I've seen people post unfounded accusations of illegal activity toward Shakes along with profane insults and insinuations, totally unprompted. There are users who downvote everything B posts, including when he talks about how he misses an author and close friend of his here on Fimfiction who has passed away, and even when he simply tries to cheer other people up. Here he was trying to help out a friend because he cares about his mental health and life just took a dump on him again. B is a young guy with a good and caring heart. He's also had a pretty awful string of bad luck lately and he could really use a little help if you're able.

Thanks for listening.

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Ouch. Will donate.

On his way, he was hit by a truck and his car won't start.

Dammit, for a second I thought it was literally him rather than his car that got hit by the truck. Either way, this doesn't look good.

Thanks for boosting the signal, Trick. :)
(Looks like I didn't find out about this one until he was already safely relocated -- glad it happened so quickly!)

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