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  • Saturday
    Amity is an awesome girlfriend

    This is basically saying "fuck you!" to countries that censor LGBTQ+ representation. The fact that this was brought up 4 times in the episode, Eclipse Lake, makes it loud and clear that there's nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex.

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  • Saturday
    Totally Spies! is returning

    As much as I'm happy that the series is making a comeback, I can't help but have concerns that it might suffer continuity problems just like season 6 and the movie.

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  • Tuesday
    The voice actor of Eddy is now a musician

    Do any of you remember Tony Sampson? He was the VA of Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy. There's an interview which you can find on YouTube where he explained the reason why he retired from voice acting. The production company that he was working under threatened to blacklist him in the acting industry just because he asked for a raise. Good on him for standing up for himself and knowing his worth. Now,

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  • 6 days
    The Owl House is 2 years old!

    Today, January 10, 2022, marks the 2nd anniversary of the critically acclaimed series created by Dana Terrace. Not only does it have an incredible story and well-written characters, but it also made groundbreaking history for having proper LGBTQ+ representation in a Disney series.

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  • 2 weeks
    LGBTQ+ public figures who are problematic and toxic AF

    1. Ellen DeGeneres
    2. Chris Chan
    3. Andy Dick
    4. Nikocado Avocado
    5. Trisha Paytas
    6. Shane Dawson
    7. Kevin Spacey
    8. Anna Campbell
    9. Jay Manuel
    10. Julia Volkova
    11. Alexander Wang

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Asian parents need to realize this · 5:48am Nov 16th, 2021

I read a comment on a YouTube video about Asian parents' unrealistic expectations of their children. It goes like this:

"If the parent's child is depressed and starts to be disrespectful and hates them, then the parent is doing something wrong."

Comments ( 2 )

I have Asian parents haha.

FWIW, the unrealistic expectations often aren't that unrealistic. They're high, but doable. In my experience, the real issue is the lack of balance in the kid's life. If you prioritize education to the point that you're kid is a social failure, did you really do a good job as a parent?

Clearly, it's the parents' fault for not letting their kids have a social life. Come to think of it, I resonate with what you said. When I was in high school and college, I prioritized my studies more and my social life was mostly online chatting. Those experiences shaped the way that I am now, but I no longer have the mindset of aiming perfection because nothing's perfect.

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