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Weekend Update 2021-11-13 · 3:41am Nov 14th, 2021

I wonder if the blog names would be better if they were more descriptive, the weekend update thing is starting to seem a little gimmicky.

Anyway, I looked and I haven't updated Twilight's Dollhouse 2 since Sept 20, and Ponified Without Consent since Oct 15th, and I didn't realize it'd been that long. I took on a NaNoWriMo challenge in Starscribe's discord server to push me to revive Dash of Humanity with a new story. I've been wanting to do that for years, but focusing on writing one things means not writing the others. So, again, thanks for the patience all!

DoH's new story has had an awesome editor, TheEighthDayofNight, working on it while I push forward writing, and the goal is to start releasing after Thanksgiving (or as soon as I hit 50k words, and begin implementing the editor's awesome feedback. I wasn't sure at first, but I'm getting pretty excited now that it's going to be high quality. Though there's definitely some challenges I hadn't anticipated, beyond my writing skills being about 80% rust.)

That's all I really have, nothing huge, and it's all been quiet as I focus on a single thing and doing it well. Go check out some stuff like "Through the Aurora" for a Hippogriff HiE, or "Twilight Gets a Puppy", or the "Hard Reset" trilogy which I'm totally gonna make a billion references to in my next story.

Have a great week!

Comments ( 6 )

Pretty cool recommendations, all pretty good stories.

Speaking of writing sprints and NaNo, I am way behind ><

I know the feeling, but according to the word count I'm doing alright so far. It's just a completely different style of writing than I'm used to. It's a good motivator though.

What kind of style? Writing too much, too quickly? :rainbowkiss:

Yeah, the "daily word goal" isn't a style I'm used to. I usually write sporadically, like 10k words on a Saturday. Doing 2k/day may sound easier, but I've always been a procrastinate until the deadline student... so that sort of engrained the wrong mindset.

Writing daily is pretty nice, and can be pretty low effort since it's just like an hour a day... but it also caused me to catch myself powering through scenes and writing them poorly just to be "done".

Anyway, I'm definitely learning things about my writing style that should help me write consistently in the future, procrastinate less, etc...

I've powered through stuff before, but usually only if I'm desperate, excited, or working on a paid writing commission.

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