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That's an academy record! · 1:51pm Nov 13th, 2021

Since Wednesday afternoon, I have lived without a fully functioning phone.

Due to a battery issue, I was no longer able to use my phone on Wednesday. I got a so-called replacement battery, and it did nothing.

Then yesterday I got a pre-paid phone and put my old phone's SIM card in it. I can do phone calls and use internet, but I can't receive any SMS messages. Why is this an issue you ask? Because my school accounts require two-factor authentication that send you an SMS message to confirm. I can't receive this SMS message. Therefore, I'll soon be unable to access my school email, grades, assignments, etc. (once the "Remember for 30 days" expires).

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I take it that a proper phone isn’t feasible right now?

When things like that happens, I fall back on my old mantra, "Ah, they joys of modern technology."

My mom bought me a new "proper" phone through our existing contract, but it'll take a while before I'll get it and can start using it. This prepaid phone was intended to "tide me over" until the other one arrives.

I was able to call tech support and get two-factor authentication to work without SMS, so at least there's no critical issues right now. But I still can't receive SMS messages on this prepaid phone. (It could be some "secret software" that they program in there to force people to stay with the cell-phone contract.)

Sometimes I wish I didn't need a phone.

Good luck dude

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