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"You might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."- John Lennon (Dashie | she/her)

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On the Mundane · 2:02am Nov 13th, 2021

A long time ago, well, a couple years, but basically forever ago when going by my FiMFiction, I wrote a story.

Nothing surprising, hell, I’m working on a long one right now (and that one is turning out to be quite long). But following The Endless Cycle, I wrote a story called Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, inspired by (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay, which is a song I love a lot. The story itself, is nothing spectacular, I was still finding my voice.

In the A/N of that story I said I had another story planned, one about finding beauty in the mundane. It’s reasonable to assume I never wrote that story, after all, how many things I say I’m going to get done do I actually? It’s true, I never wrote that story in particular.

That story was going to be influenced by Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival, it was going to follow a similar storyline, a stallion watching the river as ponies go about their days, and finding beauty in it.

That story was never written.

And while that story was never written, I want to argue that it actually has been written. When a musician has a song idea, and writes one song idea, than scraps it for an evolution of the same idea, the idea was still made into a song, just not the one they expected.

That Proud Mary story simply was the beginning of something bigger.

I was already plenty noticeable with The Endless Cycle, it’s fun to go back to that and see how it was really the beginning of something greater, a series of stories about the mundane.

When something is mundane, it’s nothing spectacular, it’s ho-hum, and people don’t really pay attention to it... but that’s exactly why I fell in love with the mundane.

When something is normal, it means that it simply isn’t abnormal anymore, people have gotten used to it, but think about it, the car used to be the pinnacle of human transportation, and it’s now mundane. The iPad and iPhone were considered impossible until done, and now we basically have Pip-Boys 55 years before Fallout thought we’d have Pip-Boys. But all that stuff is expected, it’s normal.

That’s what I love about it, these things were once abnormal, and they all have their own story.

That’s part of what The Endless Cycle was written about, a simple idea of, “what if this normal thing was abnormal”? And look what happened.

The mundane is beautiful, if you stop and take everything in, you’ll notice that the ordinary can be extraordinary.

One could argue that that type of story reached its total peak come A Series of Letters which is literally just a story about a soldier corresponding with his wife. There is nothing else, it’s just a very simple correspondence that eventually takes on a life of its own. The idea remains however, this completely mundane thing– writing letters– still has a certain beauty behind it, one of a family trying their hardest to keep things together despite being miles apart.

But there’s another part of mundanity I love highlighting. The idea that everybody has a story. Every single person you meet in daily commute has their own story behind them. But because it’s part of the mundane, you tend to not think about it. You saw a person, great, now, onto whatever else you were doing.

Around the time I wrote The Meeting Place, probably one of the first stories I wrote with this ‘everypony has a story’ concept. What helped was that around this time, I started having questions about my identity, and that story of mine took on a life of its own.

Then, my second wave of storywriting came, this idea that even in the mundane, everypony has a story. I wrote many stories using this idea, some more obvious than others, but I felt like this was an extension of what I’d been doing prior.

This has come most recently to fruition in what I believe to be my best story, Raining. I took the idea of the mundane (a normal storm), and wrapped it up with the story of a pony. Therefore, I created a story that I really feel like is truly about the mundane. A story of an everyday pony experiencing everyday things, but assigning those things a new meaning.

While the idea about making that into a series still definitely remains (my hands are full right now), I’m writing this blog post now because I feel like I’m starting to open a new chapter in my book.

I’m writing an FO:E story right now, and while giving everything a story is a very helpful skill to have when writing those stories, it’s not exclusively what those stories are about. After that, I have ideas about an OctaScratch story that’s hopefully going to be very depressing. These are significant departures from my normal style, and I feel like it might be beginning to turn into something new.

So, I feel like saying this: take a look around you. Find beauty in the mundane. Find the stories in people. Every single person has one, and it’s part of the beauty of living.

And until next time; be awesome!

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