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  • Monday
    Equestria Girls Heroes Canterlot City Season 2 Episodes 1-3

    The Big Heat- While Tornado(Rainbow Dash) takes on Blowtorch, an arsonist/supervillain who uses refined flame-throwing tech and a jet-pack, Twilight and Trevor must tend issues with Mayor Tomin and Sparkle Labs.

    The Big Chill-Phoenix (Sunset Shimmer) is on the trail of Glacier a villain just like Frostbite uses ice tech as a means the objects of his passion: the rarest most valuable diamonds

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  • Monday
    Equestria Girls Heroes Canterlot City Season 2 Trailer

    With threat of Slimer gone, The Rainbooms and their friends have forged a secret partnership with Detective Spitfire as new villains, like Spade, Glacier, Blowtorch and Equestira magic on the lose

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  • Monday
    Scooby-Doo and Equestria Girls Franken Creepy!

    Six mystery sleuths

    Seven girls with magic of friendship

    A family curse, A mad scientist

    Two talking dogs

    A monster

    Now, prepare yourself for something even scarier,

    Scooby Shaggy, Pinkie and Spike eat bratwurst,

    Listen to that growl it sounds sounds sinister

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  • Saturday
    AOH Season 2 Delay until March

    Agents of Harmony will be on hold until March

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  • Saturday
    EG Heroes of Canterlot City Season Finale Part 2 -The Slime of Tragedy

    The Rainboom faced their biggest challenge as they are pitted against a new villain named 'Slimer' who can his body as if real slime and impersonate anyone who chooses! Before they can stop him, the girls will learn Slimer's dark secret!

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MLP: Agents of Harmony Season 2 Episode 1-3 Preview · 8:00pm Nov 11th, 2021

Episode 1- The Crystaling- Shinning Armor and Princess Candance ask for Twilight and her friends to help with Crysatling.

Episode 2- A Pie Sister Surprise- Pinkie and Rarity head to Manehatten to visit Limestone, Maud, and Marble for gift exchange.

Episode 3- On Your Marks- With Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle having their cutie marks. The CMC are dumbstruck on what do next.

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