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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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Moving on... · 4:27pm Nov 11th, 2021

Two weeks late, a new Nightmare Night chapter is finally nearing completion. My apologies for the delay, but my muse has been elsewhere (on Feathered Hearts) and it just had not been coming quickly. It should be going to prereaders shortly, and be released either Saturday or Sunday depending on when the prereads are in. Helping matters is that I have today off and can work on it. Veterans Day is a bank holiday, and I work for a bank if you didn’t already know. That gives us a few extra holidays a year.

A clopfic seems an odd thing to work on to mark the day instead of Firefly or the coming Cloven War chapters of Feathered Hearts, but I can justify it. Sunset is basically going to take the role of a commando here in the new chapter, and she’s definitely badass enough as a unicorn to do it. Needless to say, she learned a lot of stuff she wasn’t supposed to during her time as Celly’s student when she was trying to gain power, as some our favorite post office friends from the Temptations and Transformations side story are going to learn. And yes, she does have a way to challenge Eclipse directly if she needs to; a way that was hinted at earlier in the story.

There will be two more sex scenes in here; the major one being the ending of the Nightmarity/Discord/Flutterbat sequence with a suitable new series of chaotic kinks right out of the crazier tag lists on adult art sites (like threading, docking, ear sex, mind fucking, and reverse anal), and a more minor one where Cyber Belle decides to both treat Spike and tweak her big sister in the process—she’s probably the only one who could get away with it at this point!

Those are the first and third sections of the chapter, which is likely to be one if the story’s longer entries, in the neighborhood of 8-9k words when all is said and done. But if those kinks are not your thing, you’ll get two sections of Sunset heading without hesitation into the den of danger and debauchery that is Eclipse’s castle, with some suitable action and dialog to match. How big a badass is she? You’ll find out, but here’s a teaser for the first Sunset section:

Approaching Princess Twilight’s Friendship Castle as a brisk but unhurried walk, Sunset wasn’t sure why she felt so serene despite the undeniable danger she was in and all the corrupted ponies flitted around her, shadowing but not approaching her.

Certainly, it felt good to be back on all fours and in full control of her long-abandoned unicorn magic again, still delighting in the heady feel of channeling aura through her horn. Even after six years as a human, I guess I’m still a pony at heart! she inwardly admitted, though she never lost her grin.

Part of her wondered if she was being overconfident—no doubt Lady Requiem would think so, and she certainly had good reason to, having bailed a younger Sunset out of countless predicaments in the past caused by exactly that.

And yet… she didn’t think she was. In fact, she felt firmly in her element at that moment, armed with not just her original arsenal of spells but the additional abilities she’d acquired from Camp Everfree, which she’d figured out long before could be used on herself as well as others. She’d even thought of one possible self-use of it that would be an absolute last resort, but if all went well, it would never come to that. Pity. I couldn’t pull it off before, but how about now, when I’ve got a lot more power, experience and self-control...?

“Look but don’t touch, wolfie,” she admonished one lustfully growling and visibly aroused Timberpony who had gotten too close to her. To her surprise, the hybrid creature obeyed—yes, the wolf in question was originally a mare despite her new male equipment—and could only gaze after her in frustration, whining her need while almost forlornly reaching for her. She didn’t seem capable of talking, and yet, they were somehow controlled as an entire pack of them parted to let her pass.

For that reason, she wasn’t concerned that they’d try to pounce her. But even if they did, she had plenty of powerful and occasionally quite painful spells at her disposal to deal with the beasts, though she was certainly not inclined to use the latter against ponies. Spells she’d originally learned to survive her forays into the Everfree, where there was a threat of everything from manticores to giant raptors to rumors of zombie pony villages.

Regardless, for their plan to work, she needed to be seen. It was to make sure everypony’s attention was on her and off Twilight and Delta, who would be following a few minutes behind. To that end, she’d dropped her shroud and revealed herself as she got near the castle, knowing full well that ‘Eclipse’ would have given orders to leave her alone and let her enter.

She doesn’t dare let me be ‘converted’, because she doesn’t know what safeguards I’ve put in place to make sure that the location of the portal doesn’t fall into her hooves. Well, she’s right to worry—there’s a failsafe spell attached to it, but only my unaltered unicorn aura can deactivate it. The instant I’m transformed, my aura will no longer match what it expects, and the spell will be triggered.

In that case, the portal will be instantly teleported VERY far away, thanks to the scheming of my younger self… she grinned, half wishing she could see the look on the corrupted Twilight’s face when she learned the news the portal was now in Steedgypt, ensconced in an ancient Pharoat’s burial chamber that remained magically sealed by arcane arts not known to modern ponies. She’d developed the spell originally to remotely teleport a portal into the tomb in hopes of gaining access to the sealed tomb itself—and the exotic magics it contained—later, but that had fallen through when she realized the ancient wards didn’t allow her to teleport an active portal in or out, only an inactive one.

So Sunset was the hook, the portal was the bait, and Princess Twilight herself was the fish they were trying to catch—at least long enough to depower her. Not that she expected Eclipse to go quietly, and indeed, as she neared the door of the castle, Sunset detected some mental intrusion magic probing at her mind.

A scrying spell? Nice try, Twilight! she thought with a smile. She might have simply ejected her presence or fired back a magical feedback bolt that caused pain, but she responded instead by simply broadcasting an image of an extra-cheesy quesadilla back through the link.

She was rewarded with a sharp mental recoil as well as a single grudging thought—well played, Sunset Shimmer!—as she walked to the front gate of the castle and knocked upon it.

The door opened slowly with an ominous creak. “Well, well, what have we here?” said a country voice somewhat reminiscent of Applejack, and as the voice’s owner stepped out of the entrance into the still-stormy night, she was surprised to beheld a Stetson-wearing creature that looked like a cross between a Nightborne thestracorn and the reclusive race of hippogrifs, possessing the horn and wings of the former along with the short beak of the latter.

“Looks like some fresh meat to me. Have to say, she’s got a nice flank. And just look at that smirk. A cocky and confident filly who thinks she’s just gonna come in here and rule the roost? I really hope I get to put you in your place.” Her lengthened horn glowed with a deep purple hue.

“Cocky and confident? She sounds like just your type, Courier Sex,” a second female voice said, stepping up beside her to give Sunset a very lascivious look. “Though look at that fiery mane. I bet she’s got one hay of a temper.”

“Yeah, but so do I. That only makes her all the more appealing. So is it true, and you got a temper, Missy?”

“You have no idea,” Sunset said with a smile, resisting the urge to give them a display of that temper and the power she could wield right then and there. Six years earlier, she wouldn’t have hesitated, but being redeemed meant she was far more humble and circumspect about such things.

And besides, I don’t want to reveal my full power too soon! “Have to say, it’s good to see you all getting into the proper Halloween—or excuse me, Nightmare Night spirit. So tell me, can Princess Twilight come out and play...?”

And there you have it. Current word count on the chapter is 6700 words and climbing with 3 of 4 sections completed; release is currently aimed for Saturday night or Sunday morning, subject to change with how soon as I can get it done and prereads are in. And after that? I’m going to try my writing hoof at a story commission. More information on that later.

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I'm looking forward to the chapter and I'm sure that Eclipse has plans to overcome Sunset's preparations but Sunset is counting on that too. I also still have no clue as to what will be going on between Cyber Belle and Spike.

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