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Survey About Fictional Characters & Stories for School · 4:04pm Nov 11th, 2021

Howdy, folks! First and foremost, as always, Adorable Applejack:

Now then, I need y'alls help...

So, the title pretty much says it, but here's a bit more detail. I'm currently enrolled in Into to Cultural Anthropology. It's kinda boring, but it's been so dang easy. The professor barely ask for any work. We have three "tests" that are just mini essays, and then the final term paper. The flip side of that is that he gives little to no concrete instructions, which we'll circle back to in a bit.

Anywho, for the final term paper, we were told to pick a topic and write a paper about it. Literally, that's it. Aside from APA style and a word count, nada. However, the TA has since clarified that This is not a scientific paper. I am not trying to prove a hypothesis. This is merely asking some questions and reporting what I found. And we were told to pick any topic that interested us. Since I have been in this lovely, disgusting, wonderful, horrible fandom for nearly ten years (holy shit I'm old), and recently took a deep dive into the Undertale fandom, I though of a rather interesting question:

Why are certain people more apt to grow strongly attached to fictional characters, or react more intensely to fictional stories?

Now, obviously this likely has more to do with psychology than culture, but I think there is a cultural element to it that can be sussed out. To whit, I have created a little survey asking about your connection to fictional stories and characters. How often you enjoy them, which characters appeal to you and why, how emotionally invested you get, etc. It's nothing invasive, and only about 18 actual questions aside from identifiers, though this is 100% anonymous, as you are free to give an alias or handle.

Here is the link to the survey.* It would really help me out if you could take the time to fill this out. Also, please feel free to share it around, as the more people that take part, the more data I can use to tease out a conclusion. Social media, blogs, whatever you like. You'd be doing me a super solid, and I will repay you with pizza, beer, and snuggles the moment I win the lottery.

Never forget that I fucking love you all. Til next time stay safe, stay free, and stay metal! Jake The Army Guy out!

*Yes, I added those cute pictures at the top because I am a massive fucking nerd. This should not come as a surprise.

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Participating for SCIENCE!

Meh, my two cents as well

Interesting survey, it was well put together.

it is done

Left you an answer. Good luck on your assignment. ^^

Done, got me thinking for a bit of what fandoms I enjoy. I’m sure I forgot a lot as I’ve enjoy probably too much fictional media at this point but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Good luck going through all that data

There ya go, broseph.

A good half of these questions are open-response. It's going to be a pain and a half to do any kind of statistical analysis on the results.

Done and done.


Well as I said, it's less scientific and more... not sure the term. A lot of the paper is going to be anecdotal, me recounting answers wiuth my own observations. But yeah, I'm gonna have to dig through it pretty deep. Not that I mind.

You know, I'm something of a scientist myself.


Not actually joking though. I'll participate in the name of anecdotal data acquisition. Yay psychology!

Submitted, hope it helps

Done! Wish you good luck! :pinkiehappy::yay:

I apologise for my long, rambling answers to what should probably have been very simple questions

Never forget that I fucking love you all.


oh my


Working, Middle, Upper class: You left out LOWER class.

Please tell us how you think "middle class" and "working class" differ.

What about people that are below that level?

In between "sometimes" and "all the time" is "frequently", but we can't say that.

Hm. Well, I attempted the survey, but I ended up not finishing or submitting after I observed the number of questions to which my answer was already some variant of "I don't know"; sorry. This survey seems to be mostly about things I have trouble picking and/or remembering. If a bunch of variations on and relatives of "I don't know" would actually be useful data to you, I can head back in, take the full survey, and submit it, but I'm not sure what you'd do with that; again, sorry.
Anyway, good luck, though!

Much like in a certain Verhoeven film: I did my part. If you have follow-up questions, though, I'd prefer them PM-ed, not sent to e-mail. :raritywink:

You can check Wikipedia for information on what those terms commonly mean.

Er, but the short version is that there is no "lower" class. There's working, lower-middle, middle, upper-middle, and upper.



Yeah, a friend told me that "lower class" isn't exactly polite these days, so I changed it.

Really? So what happens to people below the working class? And why would you say that workers are the lowest class?

This from someone on disability. I grew up where "working class" was the middle class. And apparently, the modern reality, from people that have studied the real-world economics, shows that there's these classes -- those that can invest spare money in markets and make profit faster than working, those that are working to stay barely afloat, and those that are not able to manage without government assistance -- which includes low/minimum wage workers as well as the unemployed/sub-minimum wage workers.

Using "working class" instead of "lower class" or "bottom of the economic cake"? Sheesh.

It's terminology. None of it comes from me, it comes from reliable sources. I haven't opined as to the appropriateness of the term "working class".

Go educate yourself on it, if you like. You're arguing with a fictional person right now.

I could write entire essays on several of these. Maybe even a book or two. Is that what you're truly after?


Nah. Just a general sense. Like I said, this isn't scientific.

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