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Welp, just pissed off someone. · 4:19pm Nov 10th, 2021

It seems that while asking someone to stop being a troll, I pissed that person off.

That user is no other than Mixmaster226, the guy who belates and threatens people who like Season 9 of MLP and fans of MLP Gen5.

Seems asking him to stop calling people 'tumors' is enough to be told to Get bent over. also I found this on his group's blog.

Okay, guys. It’s been a while since I did anything with this group, but that’s gonna change. Starting now, we’re getting back to work on this site. Don’t let the ignorant ingrates here intimidate you. We’ll get Hasbro to make a better ending for G4, come hell or high water.

Seems that everyone here is an ingrate to him. Well, I guess it can't be help as he likes to troll everyone here it seems.

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5605524 Yeah, seems like MixMaster thinks that if enough MLP fans just hammer Hasbro enough with petitions to "get Hasbro to make a better ending for Gen 4"; etc.; by some unforeseen miracle, they'll call back the writing and animation staff, as well as Tara, Ashleigh, Andrea, and the rest of tbe VAs, and do a complete do-over of Season 9, and maybe/possibly Season 8, to the way HE wanted it/them to go and end.

So he's more than a bit delusional and naive as to how a company like Hasbro (and animation companies in general) work.

And that's putting ASIDE the fact that Tara herself said that Twilight wouldn't be part of Gen 5, and that she, as well as Ashleigh and the rest of tbe VA cast have moved on to other things and projects.

(Although after the intro to the ANG movie in September, I'm wondering if she and the rest of the Mane 6 VAs weren't asked to come back to voice our favorite Guardians of Harmony one last time, or if Hadbro/Boulder got VAs that could sound enough like them to make it work.

Anyway, MixMaster is living in a VERY deep fantazy world if he thinks Hasbro, Boulder and AllSpark (I think?) are gonna do that.

He just needs to accept that Gen 4/FiM is done and got on with his life.

Not that he WILL, but still.

What Mixmaster is trying to do is what a few Star Wars Fans who enjoyed the Old EU tried back when the Sequels started coming out. When going against a powerful company like Hasbro, one tends to fail as They have the best legal team. As it appears that MixMaster's campaign is failing, his group are now going to try and harass people to join them of be trolled. They will soon start trying to threaten Hasbro and end up in court and jail for threats and harassmeT.

Basically, MixMaster is WORSE than Mykan ever will be. Mykan is a saint when compared to MixMaster's Toxic attitude.

5605563 Yeah, I figured it was something like that.

And this is true.


Basically, MixMaster is WORSE than Mykan ever will be. Mykan is a saint when compared to MixMaster's Toxic attitude.

Funny you should say that...

They're working together now? Celestia preserve us...


We're not working together. I just gave him advice that his crusade won't really work.

And in my personal opinion, I don't believe The Space Marines can stand up to Starfleet.

You never heard of Warhammer 40K before! Why would you think that?


I studied a slight bit of them, still don't know too much about them, but from what I've seen so far while they are technologically armed to battle aliens and robots, but you forget, Starfleet isn't just technology... it's also Magic.

Their suits may shield them from ENERGY, but I suspect that MAGIC is different.

What if someone could telekentically disrupt all systems within the suits, including the life-support? (The Marine would be dead in an instant)

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