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Mykan debunking: the Art of Lies and threats. · 10:59pm Nov 8th, 2021

It is common that every time one of Mykan's Critics or anyone on this site says ANYTHING about Mykan, see starts going off on a tangent about everything he thinks is against him, even good reviews. Such is the way Mykan has been acting and his latest fad is debunking everything or in his written words 'De-Bunking'.

His debunks are not debunkings, but twisting the words of those that are writing about him and making it seem we are lying and being Cyber-bullies, which is in his own mind for the most part about me. Yet his Lies have given him a small number of 'white knights' who blindly follow him into his 'war' on everyone on this site.

Mykan tends to lie a lot about many things, in fact most of his history online is vage and may be tall tails and lies he told to those he wanted to join his crusade.

Yet while lies are bad, his Threats are worse. mainly his threats over "Side with me or you will be my enemy!" Threats. one threat he did try to us eon me is this gem......

If you side with Those things who claim to be people, I shall make you my enemy and when I have more followers, they shall destroy your freedoms and rip your constitution and burn your stupid democracy!

Odd for a person who claims to come from one of the freest nations in the world (Canada).

In his 'Debunks' he threatens to go after anyone who does deconstructions and reconstructions because they are 'mocking' him. Something He is known to do to others, showing his two-faced mentality.. But yet if he looked at things like the infamous 'Fall of Equestria' and 'The Conversion Bureau', he will see a lot of Deconstructions and Reconstructions in them, yet the creators of them don't go around threating people who do rewrites.

Mykan does threaten people.

But These are my Thoughts, what are yours? Leave a Comment below and thanks for watching.

Comments ( 5 )

Was that quote a PM? A comment? I normally stay out of most of this back-and-forth, but this whole situation is getting weird and I would love to find a way to make it just end.

Char Room outside the site and not on Discord. back when I first met him

Also all the deconstruction and reconstruction stories I made of his 'My Brave Pony' are not to make fun of his stories, as I preferer not to be seen as a bully.


Sounds pretty vague and intangible to me, chief.

I don't care one iota about you tearing his stories apart, or anything else going on within the confines of this site. And if he truly is attacking you to the degree you're alleging here, or if he ever did as much in the past, then that's something I'd like to know about because that's not cool. But if you're just going to quote random nonsense completely out of context, uncited, with no evidence or anything whatsoever to back it up, especially if you're gonna do all that within the context of a blog that has nothing to do with his merits as an author and only exists to call him names and be an asshole to him, then I take a bit of an issue with that.

When people negatively review his stories and he responds to those reviews and it inevitably turns into a giant shit-fight, I'm content to more or less let you guys slug it out on your own. But a blog like this that cites no sources and just makes a ton of completely unfounded accusations about him personally without a word of commentary on the merits of his stories, well, that's a horse of a different color.

You should be better than this.

This situation sounds like quite the mess.

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