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Promo for a fellow author · 4:39pm Nov 6th, 2021

Heya true believers. Just wanted to take a moment to make a shout-out to a fellow author and friend from around the site.

His name's PonyJosiah13. And his big contribution to the Brony literary world is a little something called Ponyville Noire. What's it about? Well, it's about Ponyville. In a Noire-esque setting. Starring Daring Do. Who partners up with a detective to solve some mysteries, rewrite history...

...and it's really good.

How good? Well lemme' put it to you this way; I'm not really super into Noire-type genre storytelling. I picked up the first story and I've been absolutely hooked ever since. I'll let that speak for itself (you know, for a given value of how much my word means to people).

Now yes, word of warning, this is one of those things that really does earn its high-level T rating. Don't worry, though, the stories are actually really good and well written and know how to utilize their heavier themes; those tags aren't there to say "look at me! I'm edgy!".

So yeah. Ponyville Noire. Go show it and its creator some love.

I don't think you'll regret it. :raritywink:

TPonyville Noire: Tails of Two Private Eyes
Daring Do is a thief trying for a second chance. Phillip Finder is a private detective with no scruples. Ponyville is a city embroiled in corruption with war on the horizon. They may be the only hope for law and order left.
PonyJosiah13 · 261k words  ·  193  10 · 3.8k views
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Can confirm - is good series.

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