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    Back in Action and Some News

    Phew... wow. It has been a lot of weeks since I last logged on to the site. Well, I'm currently done with most of my project papers and stuff and that gives me a bit of time to make more stories! (Yay!) But... because of I haven't written a story for weeks -not one, not two but almost twenty weeks- I'm afraid MoMS have to put into hiatus. Not forever but until I get back into "writing mode". That

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    Studies, why you no give me break?

    Ugh... I hate the fact that assignments and studies are taking up my time. I want to write darn it!! If I do had the chance, it is either the time that I am super tired or just plain lazy. But, I'm not giving up. I'll do my best on continuing MoMS series even if I had to cut down a bit on the word counts. To the kind ponies who are supporting the story, I thank you. It gives me a boost of energy

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    Arrrggh! Busy Schedule in Bound, Captain!

    So... what the title say. Starting from tomorrow, the second semester of my studies will begin. So, I couldn't update my stories as frequent as I had been. I mean a chapter per day? That's pretty awesome! But... studies have to be a priority, unfortunately. *grumble grumble* I'll try to update the story in a regular basis; probably one chapter in every two or three days. That's still pretty good

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    My Thoughts on Spike at Your Service Episode

    *If anypony hasn't seen it already, go ahead and give it a look* Woo-hee. This is one fun episode to watch. I giggled and had a stupid grin on my face whilst watching the episode. It's an episode about Spike just being all out silly and cute throughout the day. But to be all perfectly honest, I think the episode seems a bit cut and dry. I felt that it should have more content to it. I understand

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    Hearth's Warming Eve Story Rhyming Time!

    T’was a cold and silent winter night in Ponyville, everypony was in their home to escape the winter chill. Everypony enjoyed their Hearth’s Warming Eve, sitting next to the warm fire and never wanted to leave. There was an odd family in Ponyville’s library, celebrating the event like everypony. There was a purple unicorn mare with a dark purple tail and mane, who was decorating a Christmas tree

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Editors Dreamland · 2:09am Dec 8th, 2012

Hey, guys! BBrozly here.

As you guys probably wondering, I am currently of a new member of a group that's called, "Editors Dreamland".

This is a group that dedicated themselves in helping new and old authors alike.

So, for the authors out there, feel free to check out the group. Also, for the people who likes helping out others in their story, come and join!

-A New Member of Editors Dreamland, BBRozly.

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