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An Asian-American brony who is a fan of Spike, Discord, and Jackie Chan.

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  • Saturday
    MLP: ANG – Trailer 3

    *Snapping fingers*

    Can I please get the extended version of Pipp's song?

    5 comments · 58 views
  • Saturday
    Group Hacked on DA

    One of my groups, on DeviantART, has been hacked.

    Thankfully, I've blocked the hackers before they could reach our Disney Chronicles branch on DA.

    Read More

    9 comments · 87 views
  • 1 week
    Elements of Justice 2-5 Premiere

    Premiering in 40 minutes and counting!

    5 comments · 75 views
  • 1 week
    MLP: ANG

    *GASP* Another dragon?! Cowabunga!

    17 comments · 130 views
  • 3 weeks
    Quick question

    When is a superhero’s secret identity NOT a secret?

    Needed to ask, because on one hand: A hero’s loved ones are always the bad guy’s favorite target.

    But on the other hand: Sometimes, it’s better for a hero’s loved ones to know, because it builds up the trust. That and it would spare the burden of keeping a secret. Even if the reveal may potentially hurt.

    What do you think?

    11 comments · 155 views

Going on vacation · 11:40pm Nov 1st, 2021

Just a heads up, to anyone reading this.

Starting on Thursday, I’m going on a holiday, and I won’t be back home, until next week.

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Comments ( 10 )

Alright. Have fun!

Have fun. I'll miss you on my birthday being the 7th this month

No worries & have fun! :moustache:

Have a good time.

Ok, have a nice trip!

Alright, Phantom-Dragon. Have fun and be safe!

Understood. You deserve the vacation, good luck

Hope you have a fun vacation

Have fun.

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