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    why am I selling out

    So basically, uh, I just recently acquired the means to actually get my own way of paying stuff online. And thus, I've subbed to a bunch of Patreons and Ko-Fis, and was like, hey, why not start my own?

    SO here we are. My Ko-Fi. No Patreon set up yet, it's too complicated for my feeble mind.

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  • 6 days

    Sorry, there will not be a chapter today - been out with my family the whole afternoon and night. Almost 9pm here, and I am tired.

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    i wrote 2.3k words and rereading them they honestly suck might rewrite

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  • 2 weeks

    I've come to a point in the story where if this was the actual mlp show, there'd be a song playing

    ...why has this happened now I have to yeet my brain to think of a replacement for song moment

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Idea · 8:25am Nov 1st, 2021

Hey, so I've hit what's called a writer's block on this story - and I was thinking - would you guys like to suggest one or two things you'd like to see in the story? It'd help with my thinking process, tysm!

Report iAmSiNnEr · 254 views · Story: The Alicorn Warrior ·
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Hi Sinner! Binged all your story up to date in one go. One thing I need to see is Twilight's friends see her scar, like her illusion thingo fails. Continuously keeping up that illusion must've been a big drain on her mana. If she didn't have to cover up her scar anymore she'd be at full power again. Really just wanna see her go all out.

O_o, yeah, I could streamline that up :D

And thanks for the follow!

She's gotta to be suffering from untreated PTSD. You could have her friends start noticing noticing unusual jumpiness or being overly on guard or having tremors and/or mood swings, especially when facing something that triggers her. Maybe she's been self-medicating just to make it day-to-day and from time to time her friends find her passed out drunk or incoherent. Maybe Spike or Starlight stumbles in on her crying and unable to stop. When untreated, PTSD is a horrible thing for someone to go through, which is why suicide rates are so high among veterans and victims of abuse.

You could do a crossover with the Twilight blows things up series

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