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I Want! · 11:43pm Oct 31st, 2021

THIS! I want THIS! This looks amazing! And chilling! It's pretty much The Walking Dead crossed with Kingdom Hearts in the universes of Cartoon Network and Hanna-Barbera and even Nickelodeon. And I love that the main characters are the main character from a show for pre-school kids (totally out of her element) joined by a seemingly powerless superhero sidekick (who seems to be a Robin rip-off) and a lady cat villain. A character who starts all cute and more or less innocent (coming from a show for toddlers, the girl doesn't even know what is blood!) and turns by the end into a total badass, this is pretty much what I'm writing in my stories! XD

I'm keeping a close eye on it. I really hope that they will make it into a real series.

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It's both weird and crazy...?:rainbowhuh:

I have trouble describing the trailer... finished or canceled series that turns into a virus and contaminates others...

Not much is known about this virus beside that it's apparently called "the Darkness" and that characters corrupted by it turn into weird grinning creepy zombies. It may actually have a different origin than finished or canceled series.


I also looking forward to this now!

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