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    Can I please get the extended version of Pipp's song?

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    One of my groups, on DeviantART, has been hacked.

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    Quick question

    When is a superhero’s secret identity NOT a secret?

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    What do you think?

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How'd this get started again? · 10:39pm Oct 31st, 2021

Happy a Halloween every bronies and pegasisters. But first, a question...

I now get how the MordeTwi meme got started, but...what's the story with Rarity and giant crabs? How did this meme get started?

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No clue. Maybe that one scene in PPOV where she finds a crab in her mane?

From the episode when Rarity found a crab in her mane in the POV episode

You got to attack his weak point for massive damage

As far as I can tell, back in 2012, someone jokingly requested a drawing of Rarity fighting a giant crab in an art trade. It just kinda snowballed from there, I guess.

The giant crab itself may be inspired by an infamous gaffe from Genji 2's 2006 E3 showcase wherein the game was described as "being based on historical events"… and then seconds later, the player got into a fight with a giant magical crab.

Beats me. But it looks cool

No idea, even I hate that kind a shipping and I can’t believe it’s a thing

Maybe Rarity should do what Kamen Rider Hibiki did when he faced a giant crab. (though it was Decade leading the attack, but it took place in Hibiki's world)

I'm pretty sure it was around before that, because I remember when I first watched that episode I was thinking that the online fans would have a field day with that scene.

That picture reminds a lot of this short animation

It's from the IDW comics, specifically issues #13&14, titled "My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy".

There's a literal Giant Enemy Crab. No, I'm not making this up.

Four of the Mane Six fight it, but for some reason the internet loved Rarity's reactions in particular and thus, the meme was born.

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