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This Movie is Gonna Suck [fanboy intensifies] · 1:14am Oct 31st, 2021

NGL, this is giving me the same vibes the Wes Anderson movies. Like, they know just enough about the game to piss off fans. Why is Claire the badass action hero that no one listens to, when that was literally Jill's character in RE3? The "itchy, tasty" written in blood on the window makes no sense, "Hur hur she said Jill Sandwich," Wesker should know exactly what is going on in the mansion, they combined the two games that didn't happen at the same time instead of the two games that did, and where the fuck is Barry?

Fuck, man...

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Crappy as the films were, Anderson at least brought a kind of flair to things, with some really good fight choreography. This one doesn’t seem as unique. Although arguably what made the Anderson movies stand out so much was also a unique brand of awful.

Looking back I’m really amazed that Capcom let him center all those movies around an original character. Because for much of the franchises history, they’ve made the same 3 or 4 characters anchor everything.

And they reduced most of them to small parts.

Only watched 45 seconds so far, and wow, does it look like garbage or what?! I mean, super reminiscent of the Nick Cannon Day of the Dead, look up that trailer, you'll see what kind of garbage I mean.

I liked the Resident Evil movies more than they deserved, at least the first 3.
After that... Christ...:facehoof:

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