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Would you guys ever want a Non-MLP Fanfic Adoption Blog one day? · 12:45am Oct 29th, 2021

I know this site is about MLP Fanfiction and all, but I'm sure more then one person does outside of MLP stuff (I do) so should I consider one day making one that is devoted to non-MLP fics from the ideas I have for various fandoms?

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The answer to this is a bit difficult.
In principal YES!, but you would have to consider for which fandom you open a site.

MLP has the benefit of attracting people who don't have a problem with Friendship, Laughter, Generosity, Kindness, Loyalty and Honesty. Otherwise they would not be here considering the themes of MLP.

If you went for something mainstream and "edgy" you would get easily a lot more toxic writers, readers etc.
Which would mean that you'd require a bit more active moderation, especially until the audience stabilized after opening such a site.

That said, I love how the site is organized from a reader's perspective.
The only thing I would add, would be the option to like sigular chapters and not just whole stories. That would enable a bit more feedback for writers from the silent masses, but could also demotivate new writers without getting some advice so this point is contentious.

Well I’m mostly into MLP fictions and reimaginings. So honestly, I wouldn’t.

Seems like a cool idea

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