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    Hey y'all,

    For all my Metroid peeps out there, especially those who followed the now-unfortunately-cancelled Equis II (honestly with how Ghosts of Harmony is going, i think it's for the better)... I have some treats!

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    "Take everything from them!
    Alemaneia will not heel!

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Schiavona C. Sabre · 3:36am Oct 28th, 2021

By: Me! Honored to finally bring this Mad MILF to life!

Note to self--focus on clothes more next time. Jeans are actually kinda hard to draw for me lmao. Attempting more of an ‘anime’ style of eyes this time compared to more traditional eye style, and I like it! Again, not perfect… but iterative improvements! I intend to make my next piece even better! I’ll be illustrating my goddamn stories, yet!

"Get yer fuckin' arse perpendicular, Freddy~, we're goin' brainstormin'!"

Report Flammenwerfer · 764 views · Story: My Best Friend, Stella ·
Comments ( 7 )

Looks very good. I love the eyes

Comment posted by Trex deleted Oct 29th, 2021

I think the mouth looks a bit weird, but other than that, It’s pretty good👍

ok am i the only one thats wants some milf loving :raritywink:

So that's where Stella gets it. Damn.

Looks good mate, keep practicing.

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