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  • Today
    Finished World 1

    Super Mario 3D World has been one of my favorite games to watch Let’s Plays of before I hit double digits. I used to watch the same series of videos by WiiLiketoPlay while I ate and stuff. I always dreamed of getting my hands on this game lol. And finally, I’m in the big leagues. But holy fuck does this game trigger my anxiety.

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  • Saturday
    Tried it, Like it, but don’t have any more of the energy to play more of it tonight

    One reason why I hate always being tired is that I don’t have the energy to do fucking anything. Just fatigue all the time lol. It takes away from my academic success and my hobbies.

    But I digress.

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  • Saturday
    I just thought of something

    Griff hounding his fellow soldiers to help him take over the Crystal Empire and overthrow Sombra against his wishes

    And then they all get fucked by a magical shockwave

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  • Saturday
    Just bought Dark Souls

    I’m at least half an hour out from my house before I start on this game. Now obviously from what I’ve heard, and from what I’ve read (props to JustSomeToast) this game is based on strategy.

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  • Saturday
    Slowly getting tired of r/idiotswithguns

    I see someone posted on the subreddit page, mostly in a video. Healthy trigger discipline, pointing the gun in a relatively safe direction, maybe a minor (non-lethal) infraction having to do with them not knowing how to empty the chamber correctly or some shit.

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The feeling of almost having my finger cut off with a hatchet · 11:31pm October 27th

Courtesy of my Uncle Jason.

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Oh my god what—


He “threatened” (jokingly) to cut my finger off with a hatchet he was holding if I talked back. Then he told me to hold my hand in place and held my finger, and then acted like he was about to do it. I felt my joints ready to disconnect, lol.

And yeah, his name is actually Jason.

Is his last name Voorhees?

No, thankfully. On the bright side, he let me have the last pineapple upside down cake.

*fingerless vibing*

Heh, yeah, I’m fine. As I said my uncle was just joking

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