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Sardines · 5:32pm Oct 27th, 2021

How do unicorns know what sardines are if Bridlewood is landlocked? Why do ponies have sardines at all? Are they omnivores now?

Something's fishy here.

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There are a number of oddly used words in the movie. For example, Izzy uses the word "steeds" a couple of times, a word which to my mind implies riding.

I’ve read a few stories where Pegasi eat fish, so it might be that many ponies eat fish or at least know that some do.

My go explanation for oddities like that is Translation Convention. The ponies are actually speaking in their native tongue and expressions like "sardine" or "bullet" represent the translators attempt to render an Equestrian concept into an English (Spanish, Italian, etc.) one.


That's true of g4 especially. Half of the horse puns have to do with riding.

Plus, in Dog and Pony Show, Twilight lets Spike put makeshift reigns on her so that he can live his white knight fantasy. This begs the question: why does this archetype exist in Equestria? where did Spike get this idea from??

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