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Implicitly Pretentious | The Real Spider-Man · 10:58pm October 26th

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I'm torn on the "Peter ignores the guy/Peter lets him go because fuck everyone else" point because I get that they should be diffrent things but they also just feel like two ways to get at the same thing to me. What I think sometimes gets left out of the origin is it's not just "how could I have been so selfish?!", it's the irony. The thief could've killed anybody after that night. But he killed Ben.

So as much as "screw you, promoter guy" kinda is a way to tack on some extra pathos and tragedy, sure, it just always feels as bad as "idgaf, lmao" to me.

You wanna be technical, Rami/Ultimate/Spectacular are tapping into something very key to teen-Spidey with that twist on the premise: you can have a plan, do everything right, and nothing will work out for you. Peter's destined to loose his uncle as good as by his own hand, but what's worse: that he got high on his show biz career or that he tried to cash in on his powers, the thing that put him in a position to ignore the man with a gun in the first place...and it was all for nothing?

I guess it depends on if you prefer the Parker Luck to be an outside force ragging on our Charlie Brown-Esque hero or if you see it as an extension of his trouble anticipating consequences

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