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Shows that make us feel ALL emotions. · 7:34pm October 26th

Me: *Binges Wolfblood on YT* I know I'm on series 2, but it's been awhile since I've watched it! Yay!

Also me:*watches Series 2 Episode 13....internally dies in a pool of tears* I know they had to leave...b-but it didn't have to be this heartbreaking! *Sobs uncontrollably*

Me: *watches Law and Order SVU season 22 episode 9* I've been waiting for this since January! Finally the return to the season! Also YAY! ELLIOT!!

Also me: *Jaw disconnects* WHAT!?!?!?! I get that it's an integral plot point and definitely is gonna be a plot driver for the first season on Law and Order: Organized Crime, but DAMN!! Did they really need to kill Kathy Stabler???

Me: *rewatches The Simpsons season 6 episode 22* Man I ain't seen this episode in a good minute.

Also me: *at end of episode* *sniffles* that was good Lisa.....that was real cool jazzy lady.

Me (in 2020): *watches The Sims Spark'd*.....*internal and external rage and happiness* FLARN!!! FLARN! UR BEE GURSH!! BLARF, NOOBIE SHURBS, BLARF!!! *Almost dies from cardiac explosion* *deep breath and goes to punch punching bag next to tv*

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