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Puppet Combo · 1:07pm October 26th

I love each and every one of their games. And of course I’m thinking of doing individual OC designs of the antagonists for each game.

Right now I’m thinking Driller Killer, Night Ripper, Larry, Billy, or the Easter Ripper.

And the two ideas I can kind of tear from that kind of fit with my ideas are Driller Killer or Larry.

Here are each of them (in order)

(Simple design, dressed in my favorite color, makes creepy noises)

(Feed ducky bread. Opportunity to draw Flutterwings as the main character and Griff as the Night Ripper doing cute things after deciding not to kill this particular girl lol.)

(Jolly fat man. Also very strong.)

(watches erotic exercise videos and kills people to feed them to his closet. Also wears a clown mask because why wouldn’t he?)

(Opportunity to draw Griff as the Easter Ripper and Flutterwings as the final girl, hence the picture. Killer turns out to be the camera guy. Also the brother of who people thought was the Easter Ripper. So there’s that. One of the death scenes is him killing Emma -that’s her name- by hugging her until he crushes her ribs. So clearly he’s very strong)

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very intresting.

*me in my head* how come I haven’t heard of this before!? this is some good shit!

Heh, you’ve been missing out. I think they’re pretty popular

I must know more!

also, doing OC’s based on these characters sounds like a great idea!

There should be gameplays of these games up on YouTube. Look up Puppet Combo, I think you’ll find em interesting.

For each of these killers, here are the titles of the games (I think)

Night Watch (Most recent Driller Killer game)

Night Ripper (Duh)

Christmas Massacre (Larry)

Feed Me Billy (Billy)

Murder House (Easter Ripper)


any more ammo you can give me in the horror department?

Not yet. Though if you’re a big analog horror fan, the Mandela Catalogue is pretty freaky.

*Frightened squealing*

Heheh. Which do you think is the most terrifying?

now that sounds very intresting.

All of them! *runs away*

Bez! You’re here! Cool.

What do you think? Which one is best for Griff?

Hmm… I dunno, I’m honestly leaning towards the first and second ones.

Ah, I see. So Driller Killer or Night Ripper.

The former is quiet until he gets the chance to nab at you, which is when he starts making these freaky cow noises while he charges at you with his drill. In Night Watch he killed Jim because he couldn’t understand what he was saying. Plus he put a Bible verse at the end.

The latter is the same way. Tall and poised and elegant, but still really loud when he charges at you. You can scare him away with guns, too. The thing about him is that he has a whole “cleanse the city” thing when he kills (mostly prostitutes). So that seems like a Griff thing too lol

Personally I’m leaning either towards Driller Killer, Easter Ripper, or Billy

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