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    So, the more I workout, the hungrier I get for more results lol. Although I’m starting to fall behind on my push ups, I make sure to keep up with standard cardio and reps.

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    Stolen Thunder

    Pall stared around at his troops, staring at Griff especially, as he’d been moving a bit slower than usual.

    ”Griffon, you have been awfully quiet lately. Is something going on?”

    ”Oh, heh, no sir. It’s just that, I was up all night doing pull ups by the big oak tree—“

    “Sir! I can run a marathon in fifteen minutes!”

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    ”Is he done yet? I think he’s using up all the hot water…”

    ”Meh, not that I’d mind. Cold showers aren’t all that bad.”

    ”Depends on what kind of cold shower we are talking about.”

    The Change Gang paused to stare at the umbrum, who sighed and went quiet.


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    Found a new way to put my hair up

    Also found a new selfie pose lol. Get used to it. Gonna be posting literally every selfie like that now.

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    Disclaimer (So far)

    Note: These events transpire circa season 4, where the war takes place during Sombra's first attempt to rule the Crystal Empire. By this logic, Griff is at least a thousand or so years old at this time, so bear in mind that him being physically in his late twenties does not account for his psychological, mental, and emotional experience. This is also just my take on how Sombra may have

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I kinda hate that we have phones now · 2:21am October 26th

I wish I could just play with my cousins and have it not be video games and shit. Maybe we’d go outside and play in the dirt or something, or tag, or hide n seek. But there’s also the fact that kids get kidnapped, and all that stuff, and ugh.

Maybe it’s cause I’m just really rowdy most of the time. But I hate being a sitting duck.

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Comments ( 4 )

makes you kinda wish you were in the 20th century huh? before phones and shit.

back when kids had their imagination.

Mhm. I think it’s just starting to waste away

Don’t get me wrong, I love having my phone. It’s convenient, it’s cool if you have no friends, all of that. I just kinda wish my cousins were as rowdy as I am

Mhm, I used to love hanging out with mines.

but now they're too busy being feed fake news or tiktok or whatever people do these days, I just wanna stay in the past.

Yeah, I get that. The age of when kids are given phones is steadily going lower. Pretty soon they'll have phones in the womb

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