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Why "Friendship is Failure #22" Fails. · 4:22am Oct 25th, 2021

The newest infamous fanfic from Daikari King Mykan is one that is one of the worst. Not in the fact of a bad storyline and bad writing, but the one fact is it fails at he law.

One thing it fails at is the fact that Equestria, for the better term, is a Despotic Absolute Monarchy. The Four Princesses are the rulers of Equestria and in the series and comics, we do not see any Equestrian Parliament or the like. So in all terms, the Princesses are the Highest level of Lawgivers in the land so saying that they can't do anything will not work in that form of government. Scribbler threating to sue Twilight or even trying to sic the Guards on her would Not work because Twilight is a princess and in AN ABSOLUTE Monarchy, she is the law.

Also in one scene in which Scribbler turns his back on a Judge is something that would cause him to be thrown in Jail for contempt of Court in any nation and government. this also would lead to him being sent to Court Mandated Psychological therapy as there might be something wrong up in his brain.

Also the idea of him not needing mental help might also send warning signs. The Royal Guard would be watching him as he could be seen as a danger to the public.

But this fic shows one thing: Mykan's twisted world view and his LACK of understanding of The Law.

But these are my Thoughts, what are yours? leave a Comment below.

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To be honest, I never liked any of Daikari King Mykan's stories.

Does any decent human like any of his stuff though?

LOL, you're right

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