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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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    Upcoming writing schedule + looking for a signal boost...

    I launched Harmonic Resonance yesterday, and I’m honestly stunned by how poorly it did. :rainbowderp: Equestria Girls clopfics usually do well, or so I thought; I truly believed this was a surefire feature. I’m honestly not sure what I did wrong in terms of marketing it, either in the story description or the groups I added it to. If anybody has thoughts, feel free to share them.

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  • Saturday
    T-minus 1 day to Harmonic Resonance launch...

    Or even sooner if all prereads are in and everybody’s happy, most notably the original commissioner. After reading what I had, he asked me to extend the main sensual scene further, so I did, adding another 1800 words to it. Now waiting for his input, and that of prereaders, who have promised to get to the story today. In the meantime, I’ve readied the story for launch:

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  • Thursday
    Thursday new Equestria Girls story update...

    Readers will be happy to know that one week after Thanksgiving, I have finally finished most of my leftovers, and what remains will make excellent sandwich fodder. I’ve also got all my Xmas decorations up, making my play to win the neighborhood decorating contest.

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    Post Turkey Day update

    Or actually, in my case, post-Turducken day (chicken breast stuffed inside a duck breast stuffed inside a turkey breast). Yes, it exists, and I prefer it to turkey for having a variety of flavors instead a single type of meat:


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  • 2 weeks
    Two announcements and a Feathered Hearts teaser

    First, I have a new Feathered Hearts - Continuation and Chronicles chapter in prereads, but even when the edits are in, I’m not going to release it yet. I promised before that I would not release more until I got the story written to the start of the Cloven War, at which point I’ll release the chapters in rapid-fire, one per day or every other day. I expect that to happen by Christmas if

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One new Nightmare Night chapter draft complete · 3:54pm October 24th

And I will do my level best to get a second one done in the next week. Don’t be surprised if it slips a few days, but I’ll at least have one out on Halloween.

I’ll be digging deep into the kink toolbox for this one, and as such it might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Fetishes and pairings will include Flutterbat-on-Discord, sounding and dual-organ docking, male impregnation, and one dragonequus having his mind utterly blown thanks in large part to Nightmarity. The leading and trailing M-rated sections will be told from Nightmarity’s point of view for the first time, and hopefully her personality shines through as strongly as her kinks do in this. Suffice it to say, she’ll show Discord that he’s not the only one with a rich imagination and appreciation of irony!

In you don’t care for that, then you can at least enjoy the non-adult center section, which is an interlude that will feature a conversation between Sci-Twi and Highborne High Priestess Juniper Neptune. You’ve heard Delta’s point of view on their failed relationship, so here you’ll be getting that of the High Priestess, who at this point does not have her memories of the events of Midnight Rising restored.

Speaking of which, I’m going go back to the earlier Nightmare Night chapters and add some retcons regarding that appearance. In the meantime, here’s a brief teaser of the center interlude section:

Okay, I’m really starting to get nervous… the teenage Twilight Sparkle thought, using her unicorn aura to adjust the spectacles that sat on her pony muzzle while her hoof unconsciously patted the pendant that hung around her neck. But I can’t be. Not just Sunset, but two entire DIMENSIONS are counting on me!

She knew it, but the thought only made her more anxious. In truth, it had only been two minutes since Sunset had departed for her corrupted counterpart’s castle, passing directly through Juniper Neptune’s bat-pony powered magical barrier—well, what else could she call it?—to put her plan into motion. 

Despite the danger and the very real chance she’d be captured and ‘converted’, Sunset fairly oozed confidence, and Twilight couldn’t help but wonder if it was feigned or was due to being back in her element—that she was once again in full control of the unicorn powers she had surrendered years earlier to come to Earth.

The plan was for Twilight to wait ten minutes before following with Delta Requiem; hopefully long enough to make sure all of the attention of Eclipse and her minions was on Sunset. This would—in theory—allow them to approach undetected, at which point Sunset would stall and distract Eclipse enough to allow them to slip in. It then fell to Twilight to take advantage of the distraction to tag her corrupted counterpart with a pendant, crippling her power thus allowing them enough time to set up for the cleansing countercurse song to be sung by their friends across the portal. 

Twilight was still dubious it would work, and she wasn’t the only one—she could detect a simple smugness from Midnight’s buried persona that indicated her darker self was sure it wouldn’t. But whatever Midnight’s schemes or motives, Twilight also didn’t think she was going to interfere.

And that worries me more than anything. She’s planning something; I just know it! Twilight silently admitted to herself, still not understanding why Delta Requiem had refused to help her purge Midnight’s presence. How can that… witch… be a part of me? she still couldn’t fathom. Or maybe she could…?

Her brooding thoughts were not helped by the awkward silence that stretched out between herself, Delta and Juniper Neptune now that Sunset had departed; she could all but feel the severe tension between the two mares hanging in the air. But before she could think of something to say, the tall but pallid thestralcorn mare glanced at her and spoke. 

“Have we met prior to this, Twilight Sparkle? As I look at you now, I keep thinking that I have seen you somewhere before...”

I won’t lie, folks—this chapter has been a chore to write, and not helping was the fact that I was severely pissed off by both work and the response to my previous blogs. But I won’t get into that here, and the greater lesson I’m taking from this is that the M-rated well is running nearly dry on the story—that it’s time to get past all the sex and into the story climax, where the M-rated action is to give way to some more epic battle scenes and magical duels. I have several planned, with the culmination (of course!) being Eclipse vs Midnight followed by The Great Cleansing, which—suffice it say, will not be happening in quite the way planned!

In any event, the current plan is that you will get two new Nightmare Night chapters with at least one on or before Halloween. Be looking for it, and stay well; I’ll have at least one more blog this week with a status update as we get closer.

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I'm looking forward to the new chapters and I'm wondering of you have any plans for an alternate ending where Eclipse wins. It would certainly be interesting to see how such a world would look like. Of course even without such an alternate ending it's not unlikely that Eclipse reveals some glimpses herself as a response to Sunset who would likely ask about what Eclipse's long term plans are. Eclipse would answer not in the least to show that she did think it through in a way Sunset originally did not.

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