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When mom say "Call Daddy" on your sister's phone and yours starts ringing. Oops...

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    Yes, Rittenhouse is White.

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    Pretty Much The Whole Story

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  • 1 week
    Well, back to normal...

    When wrestling with your sister turned awkward...

    Bro: It's my phone, I swear.

    But thankfully, she was okay with it.

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    The law only stands if I agree with it!!!

    When some "people" don't get what they want, blood, they throw a tantrum and say everything's wrong, everything's bad, blah blah blah.

    Double Jeopardy, something might to protect us all from being charged for the same crime more than once.

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    Don't Like It, Leave.

    If you leftists, communists, liberals, freaks, Twitter users or whatever you things call yourselves don't like the US, then leave.

    Go elsewhere and create your own country, with blackjack and hookers.

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Why they say white supremacy is a problem. · 5:43am October 24th

Why they say white supremacy is a problem.

It's honestly just a scare tactic to stop Hispanics, Asians and Whites from presenting a united front against their common enemies.

Those three groups actually have much in common.

Opposition to Black Lines Matter
Opposition to the LGBT community
Opposition to communism

Those are just three troublesome little groups with official labels.
For many there's a desire to stop the corruption of our society by the aforementioned groups.
A desire to shield our children from sexual perversion
A desire to restore law and order within the US, OUR country
A desire to promote conservative and right-leaning values and views over the leftist idea of "Anything Goes"

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