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The Ever-Expanding Reach of the Holiday Season Continues! · 12:23am Oct 24th, 2021

So I WAS going to hem and haw and go "oh, should I do Jinglemas this year?" Only to remember that I did it in both 2019 and 2020 so I might as well make a habit of it. Huh. Nevermind the fact that my holiday stories tend to get less attention than my regular stories (which is saying something), and nevermind the fact this takes theoretical writing time away from the latest Flash Sentry misadventure and/or the non-pony stuff I've been chipping away at for awhile yet, and nevermind the fact that I don't write nearly as much as I used to on account of having a Real People Job(tm) keeping me busy, and ... yeah.

All these factors combine to make this seem more and more of an unwise decision ... which meant I just signed up. Huh.

Still! Signups are open! Y'all should check it out and, like, do stuff.

I was even good and requested something OTHER than Rarijack shipfic. Slipping, I know. I must be mellowing out in my old age. Though honestly I'm more looking forward to the prompt itself-- something to get the ol' brain cells going to come up with a proper scenario. Like, last year, my prompt asked for something with Sonata Dusk and Octavia, two characters who I rarely paid much attention to before. And honestly, I'm rather proud of the wild adventure I came up with, even if nobody really read it (like the rest of my best work. I am an artiste).

In other, non-Jinglemas related news, I'm doing well enough. That I'm posting this sort of fanfic rambling on a Saturday night may tell you something. Though honestly I'm just killing some time before I go Do Stuff(tm), so that's nice?

But yeah. As mentioned before, the Real People Job(tm) is keeping me busy, but I've at least gotten the hang of things. It's a heck of a change for the year and a half I spent at loose ends because of, uh, everything, but it's mostly a change for the better? Though with my schedule, it's a little harder to go out and Do Stuff(tm) as I did before, as I've got to wake up early most days. Which, in these winter months, is particularly brutal-- I don't mind waking at sunrise, but waking up beforehand is a pain. There's probably the bones of a horrible self-insert + Celestia clopfic character study in there.

And, y'know, I still have an embarassment of other entertainments to distract me. Like, I still haven't finished watching the new Leverage reboot, and my beloved Legends of Tomorrow, which is simultaneously one of the dumbest and best shows on TV is back. And I just finished S2 of Lower Decks, which is simultaneously one of the dumbest and best Star Trek shows. There's probably the bones of a horrible Boilmer + Twilight Sparkle clopfic farcical crossover in there. Which, honestly, would fit the tone of both shows fairly well, now that I think of it. Only the problem is the Cerritos is explicitly a second contact ship, which means somebody else would have to visit Equestria first ...

But I digress.

Still! It's about time for me to go out and be social and eat tasty foods and things, so I suppose my Saturday night isn't all that bad. So stay tuned, my whole dozen-or-so fans! I might actually post some more silly fanfic!


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I'm just glad you seem to be enjoying life. :twilightsmile:

It's good to hear from you, all the same. :pinkiesmile:

Take care, alright?

I heartily recommend the Leverage sequel. While it didn't really do anything new, it didn't disappoint either. I haven't been able to work up any enthusiasm for Legends this season. I think the dumb may have finally outweighed the good there—especially with Mick's departure.

"Raising With The Sun"
It almost writes itself. Almost. Someone will still need to be the vessel it is channeled through... .


Honestly, I'm really enjoying the new season of Legends. It's got a different vibe to it, but I think it's at least over the scaled-down nature of last season's misadventures. Which were fun, mind you, but some of the covid workarounds kind of threw a wrench into things. (Don't get me wrong, I heartily encourage a safe filming space, but that's another matter entirely).

If anything, they're having a lot of fun with dressing Sarah and Ava up in flapper outfits and having them talk in old timey gangster slang. Their plan basically boiled down to "BE GAY DO CRIMES" and I can't help but love that.

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