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Princess Luna is canonically my dad.

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  • Friday
    I asked my uncle for a body cam for Christmas

    Now I gotta ask him for a new bow. The one I have is pretty small for my size, and I need one about my height. I leave Saturday, so I better hurry and pick one out.

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  • Thursday
    So I introduced my sister to an anime I like

    It’s called “Komi Can’t Communicate”

    Some payback for introducing me to She-Ra. For those of you who like anime, I recommend it.

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  • Thursday
    Oddly enough

    I get annoyed when someone orders the same thing I’m ordering from somewhere lol. For some reason, it’s just mildly infuriating.

    I’ve been craving cake pops for the longest. Maybe for a week or so. My uncle’s going to Starbucks, so I request that he brings some back for me too.

    And then my older, older cousin, maybe forty or so, said she wanted to try one of them.

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  • Thursday
    This is about the earliest point where I’ve almost felt like hitting something.

    So as it turns out, along with everyone else in my uncle’s household, my mom chooses to get on me as well, while also ignoring me. How fun.

    I’m gonna go cry in the shower.

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  • Wednesday
    An opinion

    Andy’s Apple Farm kind of sucks

    Also my mom’s ignoring me and I’m bored and upset lol

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I’m eating Chinese takeout · 8:20pm October 23rd

VA don’t miss. Holy fuck.

The orange chicken is crispy, the food is hot, and they don’t cheap out when it comes to serving sizes. Nor do they skimp out on the sauce. Fuck.

Now I know the name of the place.

Look out for Griff, you amazingly talented bitches.

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