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    Finished World 1

    Super Mario 3D World has been one of my favorite games to watch Let’s Plays of before I hit double digits. I used to watch the same series of videos by WiiLiketoPlay while I ate and stuff. I always dreamed of getting my hands on this game lol. And finally, I’m in the big leagues. But holy fuck does this game trigger my anxiety.

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  • Saturday
    Tried it, Like it, but don’t have any more of the energy to play more of it tonight

    One reason why I hate always being tired is that I don’t have the energy to do fucking anything. Just fatigue all the time lol. It takes away from my academic success and my hobbies.

    But I digress.

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  • Saturday
    I just thought of something

    Griff hounding his fellow soldiers to help him take over the Crystal Empire and overthrow Sombra against his wishes

    And then they all get fucked by a magical shockwave

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  • Saturday
    Just bought Dark Souls

    I’m at least half an hour out from my house before I start on this game. Now obviously from what I’ve heard, and from what I’ve read (props to JustSomeToast) this game is based on strategy.

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    Slowly getting tired of r/idiotswithguns

    I see someone posted on the subreddit page, mostly in a video. Healthy trigger discipline, pointing the gun in a relatively safe direction, maybe a minor (non-lethal) infraction having to do with them not knowing how to empty the chamber correctly or some shit.

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I don’t get the point of scrutinizing someone for how they were raised if it doesn’t put anyone/themselves in any immediate danger. · 5:09pm October 23rd

My aunt just fussed me out for putting Reese’s in the outside fridge. I was originally concerned because of my cousin, who is allergic to peanuts. So I thought I shouldn’t have put it out there and offered to move it somewhere else.

Nah. The problem turned out to be that I put it outside in the fridge so that someone wouldn’t eat it. Because, as an only child who takes care of his diabetic grandmother, I am acutely aware of how harrowing it is to deal with someone who eats things they’re not supposed to. Like the snacks that I like to eat. Like candy, on the rare occasion that I get it.

This time, I’d bought it with my own money. So, I put it in the fridge. I was also aware that there are multiple people in the household. So it was twice as likely that if I just put it in the kitchen, someone may have eaten it. Something that I bought. For myself.

So, she proceeds to lock me into a conversation by asking me what purpose I had with putting the candy in the outside fridge. I explained my reasoning.

“So, you put the candy in the fridge so no one else could get to it?”

And my grandma chimed in, “Yep, he’ll do that.” (In a negative tone, because this is something she’s discussed with me before, except when I didn’t want to share my one slice of cake.)

And then my aunt proceeded to go on about how she’d break her back to get her kids anything they wanted even if they didn’t have the money, and also that I should’ve shared my candy, and also that “maybe that’s how it works in your world”, and also, that what I did was really selfish.

And oh yes, something my uncle and aunt often do when scolding me; they bring my side of the family into it.

“I don’t know if that’s how your mom raised you, but I’ll talk to her,” and “I’ll bet you eat the things your mom doesn’t want you to”.

“You really need a whole bag of Reese’s to yourself?”

What made this even more loathsome is that she fussed me out the other day too. About being selfish. Because of my grandma.

So naturally, I bitched out and started crying. And then she continued to scold me in front of everyone, and when she finished, I went upstairs and cried some more.

I called my mom and asked her what she thought about the scenario, and whether or not that was something she would consider selfish. (Im a momma’s boy, shut up) she then proceeded to calm me down and explained that although my aunt’s reasoning was fair (the whole sharing part), that some people say things based on how they were raised and they expect you to have been raised the same way.

And now I realize that this is pretty much accurate.

It makes me upset when people bring up how I’m being raised into the question when criticizing me about something I’m used to doing in my own household (that doesn’t put anyone/myself in immediate danger, unless we’re talking about what I was originally concerned about regarding the peanut butter candy).

Just because my uncle babies my grandma and gives her whatever she wants, doesn’t mean I have to be raised to baby my grandma and give her whatever she wants. If you put something she’s not supposed to have where she can get it, she’s going to eat it. And now grandma’s another inch closer to a heart attack, and you don’t get your snack. My mom (and grandma) would know exactly what I mean, my cousins and aunt and uncle wouldn’t.

What’s funny is that my mom and uncle are siblings.

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Comments ( 12 )

Mm… makes sense. I think.

I think they should hear your reasoning before jumping to conclusions

Hm… okay, now I get it

Which part? I made a lot of points here lol. Apologies if the grandma part sounds a bit harsh.

Same…they’re not used to listening to me though, I don’t usually talk a lot

Well, the second to last paragraph about the “how you’re being raised”.

Ah, what about it?

Er… nothing. Honestly, I wanted to say something without going all “oh my god your aunt is a karen” or something along those lines.

I know, because, well, she’s not a Karen. It’s just that sometimes she gets on my nerves and I had to vent lol

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