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    So, the more I workout, the hungrier I get for more results lol. Although I’m starting to fall behind on my push ups, I make sure to keep up with standard cardio and reps.

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    Stolen Thunder

    Pall stared around at his troops, staring at Griff especially, as he’d been moving a bit slower than usual.

    ”Griffon, you have been awfully quiet lately. Is something going on?”

    ”Oh, heh, no sir. It’s just that, I was up all night doing pull ups by the big oak tree—“

    “Sir! I can run a marathon in fifteen minutes!”

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    ”Is he done yet? I think he’s using up all the hot water…”

    ”Meh, not that I’d mind. Cold showers aren’t all that bad.”

    ”Depends on what kind of cold shower we are talking about.”

    The Change Gang paused to stare at the umbrum, who sighed and went quiet.


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    Found a new way to put my hair up

    Also found a new selfie pose lol. Get used to it. Gonna be posting literally every selfie like that now.

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  • Monday
    Disclaimer (So far)

    Note: These events transpire circa season 4, where the war takes place during Sombra's first attempt to rule the Crystal Empire. By this logic, Griff is at least a thousand or so years old at this time, so bear in mind that him being physically in his late twenties does not account for his psychological, mental, and emotional experience. This is also just my take on how Sombra may have

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Sometimes I’m on the fence · 1:01am October 23rd

I think sometimes people take being “nice” and “soft-spoken” and mix it up, or misconstrue them for being the same thing.

Me? I’m just soft-spoken. I don’t like to run my mouth, because when I do, it usually either ends in me getting yelled at or heavily scrutinized. Therefore, I like to be quiet, especially when speaking to someone.

However, there’re times where I get a bit defensive. I honestly think it’s weird as fuck cause it’s out of nowhere half the time. But when someone responds a certain way and I get the notion that they’re either disinterested or upset, I just wanna like

Punch a cow


Griff and Hero


”Oh hey, I’m going to the movies today.”


”Yeah. And I’ll be glad, too.”

”And why’s tha—“

”Because even the fucking week-old popcorn under the seat has more personality than you do.”

And I have to say I get tempted sometimes. But that’s just me. I wouldn’t be caught dead saying shit like this to people, cause like…dude, don’t be a bitch about it.

Basically when you post a ten-page-essay of a vent (assuming whoever’s reading does that) and you only get one comment.

And it says “oof”.

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Comments ( 12 )

Well, that’s a huge mood.

Especially that very last part.

you aight?

Yea, just posting my thoughts or whatever. This week has been a stressful one lol


Yeah… it’s reason why I try to avoid posting one-word comments whenever I can.

Well, kudos to you for trying.


Same, ironically

I don’t know if this is exactly the point you’re tryna make, but overtime, I’ve learned it’s better to keep my mouth shut than to speak

you too?

first its Angel and now you, should I cheer you up as I did with her?

I’m not bummed or anything so it’s fine lol

Actually, that’s also the point. You know that I’m usually not seriously upset though. Usually it’s cause I wanna know if you care that I’m upset or not lol


well I’m here just in case.

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